Why Adolescent Health Check-up is Important?

Health is the most precious thing in our life. We often ignore common health issues which lead to some serious complication in future. Having a healthy life should become a habit with a healthy diet and regular exercise. When it comes to the young generation, they seem to be less careful about all the health issues. The lifestyle they have e.g. consuming excess junk food or lack of exercise etc. can lead to some serious health issues in future.

Why Adolescent Health Check-up is Important?

The teenagers' health statistics show that around 50% of India's adolescents have been suffering from anemia. In addition to that Indian teens suffer obesity, depression, anxiety, and stress several such diseases. It is important for all of us to understand the severity of health issues in this young generation. There was a time in Indian society when the diseases like polio and cholera were considered life-threatening, but now due to advancement in medical science, we have found a cure for all these diseases. However, new lifestyle diseases like diabetes, obesity, cancer, hypertension and heart disease have replaced earlier diseases. These diseases have found to be more severe than cholera and polio. Due to an unhealthy lifestyle, the youngsters are easily vulnerable to these diseases. Therefore, doctors suggest regular medical checkups to young people too; parents may think why young adults need adolescent checkup, so here are some reasons.

  • Genetically Indians are prone to diabetics and heart diseases.
  • The calorie-loaded food contributes to the unhealthy lifestyle.
  • Due to a hectic schedule of teenagers, there is a lack of physical exercise.
  • Stress at college, school, relations, peer-group or home can also be the reason behind health issues.

The disease we talked about can be prevented if proper precaution is taken. A healthy diet can be the first step. A low-fat diet, which will not add extra calories to your body, will be beneficial. Along with that, regular exercise is important. It doesn't need to be rigorous exercise; simple jogging or morning walk for 25 min will be helpful. Another thing that can help you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle is preventive health checkup.

Benefits of Adolescent Health Checkup

  • Cost Saving In Healthcare

    The healthcare today's world is extremely expensive. And when it comes to serious diseases, it may cost a fortune to a person. A preventive health checkup can identify any health condition at an early stage and thus save on the medical expenses.
  • Avoid Complication

    If the treatment of a disease is prolonged then it could lead to complications. A preventive health checkup gives you indications about possible health issues so you can get the necessary treatment immediately and avoid complications.
  • Makes You Aware of The Health

    Preventive health checkup not only helps in avoiding serious diseases but also creates health awareness in you. The young generation has a long way to go and should adopt a healthy lifestyle as soon as possible. An adolescent health checkup can be an eye-opener about the importance of healthy habits as children tend to ignore parents advice in this age.

So stop worrying about the health of your adolescent kid, gift a health-checkup for his/her birthday along with other favorite gifts. A checkup from an expert will guide on the healthy lifestyle.

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  • Preventive Health Check-up Packages

    Preventive Health Check-up Packages

    With advancement in medical science, diagnosing risk factor of a disease at a latent stage is possible, allowing people to live life with quality. Preventive health checkup helps to prevent a disease, narrowing morbidity and mortality in future.

  • Full Body Health Checkup

    Full Body Health Checkup

    A full body checkup is necessary as it helps you to take necessary steps in prevention or an early detection of any potential illness. Let's face it... In India, majority of us feel that we don't need health checkups and that it is a waste of money. However, if we think more vigilantly, these comprehensive health checkup packages have ALWAYS proved to be the smartest way to save on some extensive surgeries that might be required in case of an undiagnosed disease.

  • Master Health Check-up

    Master Health Check-up

    World Health Organisation defines health as "A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."

  • Family Health Checkup

    Family Health Checkup

    Movies, eating outing, socialising, functions - you do all this as a 'family thing'.

    Then why family checkups are kept aside only for the elderly, head of the family or men in the house?

    Mother, father, wife, sister, brother - all are imperative pieces of the jigsaw puzzle called 'life'! Each one is equally important, irreplaceable and has varied healthcare needs. All adults in the family require regular preventive checkups to keep a track of their health status, even if they look, sound and appear 'healthy & fit'.

  • Health Checkup Offers & Discounts

    Health Checkup Offers & Discounts

    Indus Health Plus is the leading preventive healthcare company with a wide network of partner hospitals and facilities across the nation.

  • Buy Health Checkup - Online!

    Buy Health Checkup - Online!

    Book An Appointment For Your Full Body Health Checkup

    In today's time of web-based world, everything is just a click away. Even healthcare!

  • Need For Regular Health Checkups

    Need For Regular Health Checkups

    Find below explanations to your excuses for not undertaking regular heath checkups.

  • Comprehensive Health Checkup v/s Lab Tests

    Comprehensive Health Checkup v/s Lab Tests

    We keep our wealth secure in various layers of security, for protecting it from various unsocial elements of the society. Similarly our health also needs various layers of security from elements that cause harm to our health. For this we need a trusted healthcare partner who assures security of our health. This security can be provided by regular complete health checkup followed by laboratories tests but the alarming questions are:

  • Regular Medical Checkup

    Regular Medical Checkup

    Regular medical checkups are essential for one and all. Since diseases can affect anyone, checkups are necessary for everyone, irrespective of age, sex, occupation, ethnicity and culture.

  • Senior Citizen's Health Checkup - Discounts & Offers

    Senior Citizen's Health Checkup - Discounts & Offers

    Ageing is one of the biggest risk factor for all types of diseases.

    We cannot put a hold on growing old but we can certainly keep a check on the health status by taking regular medical health check ups.

  • Complete Health Checkup Packages - Importance

    Complete Health Checkup Packages - Importance

    Prevention is a way of living and is indeed better than cure.

    Understanding the importance of complete health checkup is simple. Life is full of mighty example celebrating the magnitude of prevention.

  • Fitness Tests & Checkup Package

    Fitness Tests & Checkup Package

    Being young does not guarantee a healthy you. Today, young and elderly both are at equal risk of getting lifestyle diseases and therefore regular preventive health checkups are meant for one and all. They help in catching diseases early, while they are still in a stage which can be better treated and managed.

  • Basic Health Checkup At Nearest Centre

    Basic Health Checkup At Nearest Centre

    People have started comprehending the importance of getting regular preventive checkups done but finding the right place to do so is still a matter of big apprehension for them.

  • Buy Health Checkup on EMI

    Buy Health Checkup on EMI

    Terms & Conditions for Buying a Health Checkup on EMIs

  • Why You Need A Health Checkup?

    Why You Need A Health Checkup?

    You are young and apparently fit and find it a waste of money to go for checkups in absence of any symptoms or discomfort. Right?
    Actually, you are wrong!

  • Comprehensive Health Checkup

    Comprehensive Health Checkup

    All these adages prove that good health plays a crucial role in the wellbeing of one's life. But developing and maintaining good habits like eating healthy, going for a walk, exercising, swimming, playing sports, avoiding junk food & stress relievers like yoga & music will not suffice to maintain good health.

  • Affordable Health Checkup Packages

    Affordable Health Checkup Packages

    You may have numerous excuses to avoid regular health checkups like 'I am too young to get health checkups', 'I am busy', 'I am healthy and don’t need a health checkup', 'It is expensive'.However, there are scientific studies that prove that regular health checkups actually benefit in increasing the life expectancy and also help in saving money! Moreover, it also yields in better quality of Life.

  • Regular Fitness Checkup Reduce Medical Cost

    Regular Fitness Checkup Reduce Medical Cost

    People who are health conscious not only pursue fitness regimen but also visit their doctor at least every 6 months. However, on the other hand, there are many people who the need of fitness check-up. It is a general misconception that if you are feeling healthy, you are healthy. However, the sedentary lifestyle has become a major cause of a lot of health problems which often get unnoticed. There are so many silent diseases which show no signs or symptoms until the body accepts the defeat.

  • Why Cure When You Can Prevent?

    Why Cure When You Can Prevent?

    According to a report published by WHO, chronic diseases are causing increasing deaths worldwide. Infectious diseases followed by non-communicable diseases like cardiovascular diseases and diabetes are taking toll on health. We all know that ’prevention is better than cure’. So, preventive measures like following a healthy lifestyle including healthy diet, regular exercise and regular health checkups prove to be important.

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