Smoking Effects on Health

The title may sound little blown up and several people will come up with an argument of them being still disease free, alive and kicking in spite of smoking for a long time but believe us, this DOES NOT change the fact that smoking actually kills!

Smoking Effects on Health

Do you know?

  • 90,000 Indian are dying every year due to tobacco related illnesses.
  • 56.4% cancers in men & 44.9% of cancers in woman are caused by tobacco.
  • Tobacco users are 2 to3 times more likely to develop heart disease & paralysis.

Culprits other than cigarette

Cigarette is not the only culprit to be blamed. Other commonly used tobacco products like beedis, hookah, gutka, pipes, cigars, chilum, pan masala, mawa and other similar tobacco based items are equally harmful which as used in sniffing and chewing forms.

If you use or plan to use one of these products, maybe you should check out these statistics first:

Still feel like having a smoke?

Hang on & read this!

  • It leads to cancer of lung, mouth, pharynx, larynx, stomach, cheek, oral and other body parts.
  • Invites heart & blood vessels diseases - heart attack, angina, sudden cardiac arrest, stroke, peripheral vascular disease (gangrene of legs), paralysis and others
  • Responsible for lung diseases like chronic bronchitis, tuberculosis and emphysema.
  • It reduces blood flow to heart, increases blood pressure & risk of diabetes and reduces good cholesterol
  • It decreases stamina and immunity Impotence, infertility and early menopause may be due to heavy smoking.
  • Smoking in combination with birth control pills increases the chance of stroke in women
  • Accelerates ageing. Wrinkles, stained teeth, darkened lips, hair loss and dry skin are resultant of smoking.

Inflicting people around you

Parents, children wife, family, friends or passerby - you are harming everyone around by making them passive smokers.

Passive smoking is equally dangerous. You will be startled to know that about two packets of passive smoking is comparable to three cigarettes a day (as detected in urine nicotine levels of the passive smoker).

Astound and worried?

It's never too late to stop smoking. Seek professional help and get off smoking ASAP.

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