Heart Disease - Overview

Heart disease is broad term used for diseases and conditions affecting the heart and circulatory system. They are also referred as cardiovascular diseases. It is a major cause of disability all around the world.


Heart Disease - Overview

Since heart is amongst the most vital organs of the body, its diseases affect other organs and part of the body as well.

There are several different types and forms of heart diseases. The most common ones cause narrowing or blockage of the coronary arteries, malfunctioning in the valves of the heart, enlargement in the size of heart and several others leading to heart failure and heart attack.

One can reduce the risk of heart disease by taking steps to control factors that make him prone to heart diseases, like

  • Keep the blood pressure under control
  • Eat less of oily food and keeping a check on cholesterol
  • Do not smoke
  • Exercise or do enough physical activity

Earlier heart diseases were more commonly seen in elderly but today, due to improper lifestyle, smoking, sedentary ways of living, increased stress and other unhealthy practices, heart diseases are becoming equally prevalent in younger population as well.

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