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Senior Citizen's Health Checkup - Discounts & Offers

Ageing is one of the biggest risk factor for all types of diseases.

We cannot put a hold on growing old but we can certainly keep a check on the health status by taking regular medical health check ups.

Senior Citizen's Health Checkup - Discounts & Offers

Regular Health Checkup for Senior Citizens

Regular health checkups of senior citizens will not only keep an eye on their health status but will also catch diseases early for better treatment and save them from physical & mental ordeal.

If young are the backbone, senior citizens are the foundation of a nation. As a token of thanks and appreciation, Indus offers special discount on senior citizen's health checkup package.

Indus has made getting preventive health checkups easier and affordable for senior citizens. On purchase of all Indus preventive health checkup standard packages, you are entitled for a preventive checkup 'Discount Coupon' applicable only for senior citizens (age 60 and above), by using which senior citizens can avail the benefits of the checkup at 50% discount on any other package that they buy.

For example, if a son buys a Fitness Checkup for himself, he will get a Discount Coupon with that package, using which he can get an Essential Heart Checkup package (or any other package of his choice) for his parent at only 50% of the actual cost of that package.

To redeem the Discount Coupon, along with the duly filled original discount coupon, age proof also has to be submitted for an appointment.

In the constant endeavour to promote 'Prevention is Better than Cure', Indus come up with this discount on senior citizen's checkups to encourage the concept of detecting diseases at an early stage by regular checkups in elderly, who need it the most.

Time to time, Indus introduces other offers on Health checkup packages availing which further saving can be done.

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