Now Get Your Health Checkup At Home, No Need To Go Out

Now Get Your Health Checkup At Home, No Need To Go Out

Being and staying healthy is of utmost importance. Prevention is an essential part of being healthy. Indus Health Plus continuously strives to bring quality preventive healthcare accessible and available. To ensure that you have access to superior quality health checkup available even when there is a lockdown, we have extended our services to include Lab Test Packages with home sample collection. You can now get quality health checkups right from the comfort and safety of your home.

Online booking facility

Our lab test package can be easily booked online from our website. After your booking you can choose a convenient date and time for the technician to come to your home for sample collection.

All Covid safety protocols followed

All our technicians who come to collect sample from your home are trained to follow all the safety guidelines mentioned by GoI. They are well trained to conduct preliminary exams, and collect samples from your home.

Get your complete body checkup from home

You can get all your tests done at home, no matter what the situation is, and keep a track of your health. Your health report helps you in modifying your lifestyle factors such as food, exercise, etc. to maintain your body’s health. It also helps you in planning for an effective treatment for any health condition that is detected in your report through your tests.

2 packages to choose from according to your age

Essentia, an essential full body checkup package: This is for all age groups, and includes 52 tests. Preventia, a preventive full body checkup package: This is recommended for people above 30 years of age, and includes 65 Tests. Book your package now.

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