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Importance Of Premarital Screening

A premarital screen is a health assessment of routine health tests and some specific tests. A good premarital testing program informs couples and provides unbiased health evidence. Family history, genetics, age, diet and addictions, all contribute to creating a map for the future

Importance Of Premarital Screening

Marriage is an important event in a couple's life that’s why they spend a lot of time and energy on the wedding celebrations. However, the most crucial aspect in a marriage is mostly overlooked - the couples’ current and future health.

A premarital health checkup contains various screening tests that offer information about their genetic, infections and communicable diseases for preventing the risk of transmitting these diseases to each other or their future offsprings. Here are 5 ways a premarital checkup can make the future of married couples a healthy one.

1.Helps in building a healthy and trusting relationship: Premarital health screening educates couples with unbiased health information that is essential for their future. One's family medical history, hereditary factors, food and exercise patterns, weight, and addictions contribute to their health.

2.Prevents sexually transmitted diseases (STDs): Health conditions like, HIV, hepatitis, syphilis, gonorrhea and herpes are lifelong and debilitating. If it goes undetected or unmanaged, it can adversely affect the married life of the couple. Not diagnosing and treating STDs early can result in health complications and infertility, fetal wastage, ectopic pregnancy, cancer and/or early death.

3.Avoids passing on hereditary diseases to offsprings: Conditions such as hemophilia, thalassemia, Marfan syndrome, Huntington’s disease and sickle cell are blood borne and can shorten lifespan. There are high chances of these conditions being passed on to the offsprings, that’s why these traits should be screened for.

4.Assists in family planning and managing children’s health: Premarital screening gives ample information about fertility of each person. It also helps them understand their Rh factor. For a successful pregnancy, the Rh factor of the couple should be the same, otherwise it can be dangerous for the child. These issues should be addressed as early as possible and essential for family planning and health management.

Tests that should be included in a premarital health screening

Routine blood work: Complete Blood Count, Urine Analysis and Peripheral Blood Smears are used to detect abnormality in cells. Blood group testing (ABO-RH) is done to check for Rh-negativity in women for determining the risks in pregnancy.
Infection detection: Tests for screening Syphilis, HIV, Hepatitis B & C, and STDs.
Genetic tests: Depending on your family’s medical history, genetic tests can be suggested for critical blood disorders like thalassemia.

Couples should get their premarital health checkup done at least six months before their wedding. It is advisable to include premarital screening in their wedding preparations. Getting married soon? Book your premarital health checkup for you and your would-be now.

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