Everything Need To Know About Full Body Checkups


Everything  Need To Know About Full Body Checkups

It is important to have a regular full body checkup package to secure your health and most importantly life. However, it is not just about a single test or certain health exams, there is a lot more to that. Full body checkups may be recommended for general preventative care as well or for conditions or risk factors necessitating them. The reasons can differ from time to time. 

Well, you need to be well aware of what the complete full body checkup list includes and what it is actually about. Thereafter you can take and prefer the health checkups as per your preference. 

Here we have gathered everything you need to know about the full-body checkup package. Read the article further to know more in detail about the same. 

Full Body Checkups 

Let’s start with understanding what full body checkups are all about first and then we can move to the full body checkup list one by one. As we are generally aware of, sometimes our doctors may schedule weekly appointments with patients to do a physical examination, often known as a full body checkup. The results of these full body checkups are communicated to their patients, allowing them to assess their current health status and prospects for lifestyle and where they can make more health improvement.

The purpose of these full-body checkup packages is to detect and prevent illnesses at the same time before they get worse.  

What Is The Right Time To Have The Full Body Health Checkup? 

Generally, regular patients are advised by doctors and physicians to have regular full-body checkups. It generally needs to be done monthly or once during specific monthly intervals. But what if you are not a regular patient? Then your health situation particularly will determine when and how frequently you will have a full body checkup. 

You can consult the doctor as well in case you are not sure about how frequently you must get a full body health checkup. As per what the doctor suggests, you can take the full body checkup package. 

What Are The Tests Included In the Full Body Health Checkup Package? 
A regular full-body checkup is normally scheduled and carried out by your main healthcare practitioner and you can even take the full-body health checkup package. Before setting up a follow-up appointment to go over the results of your checkup test, you will first meet so that your doctor may conduct any necessary examinations and send off any necessary laboratory tests.

There are certain tests that are included in the full body checkup list and you must get that done. These are as follows: 

  •  Lung Function Test and Cardiac Exam : Although the vital signs might give you an idea of how healthy your heart is, a cardiac exam will almost certainly be done by your doctor. This entails listening for murmurs or irregular cardiac beats with a stethoscope. Here, it is also typical to include family history.
  •  Visual Exam :  Your physical well-being may be inferred a lot from your look. Your doctor will examine your skin, eyes, and skull as well as other physical features. They will examine various bodily parts, from the ears to the abdomen, with instruments or their hands to look for anomalies and health indicators.
  •  Laboratory Tests : Full body checkup packages don't often include laboratory testing, although some doctors will request specific tests to check for things like heart problems, and HIV. Common tests that can screen for illnesses like anaemia or diabetes include blood tests, urinalyses, and chemical panels.
  •  Female and male-specific examination : Your doctor could do specific checks on the female anatomy if you were born a female. To examine the cervix and other female reproductive organs, a pelvic exam may be necessary. They could also do a pap smear and look for sexually transmitted diseases, which can aid in cancer screening.

Medical professionals occasionally undertake tests for male-specific anatomy on individuals who are biologically male. By manually touching the prostate for size and anomalies, doctors may do prostate examinations.

Final Words 

These are the tests and screening examinations included in the full body checkup package. You can book your full body health checkup with Indus Health Plus or you can consult your doctor and book the test as they are required. Make sure to follow the doctor’s or physician’s guidelines and instructions at the same time for true and correct results. 

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