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ECG or Electrocardiogram Test

Do you want to measure the electrical activity of your heart or heart rate?

Do you wish to detect heart attack?

Do you wish to investigate the cause of your chest pains?

ECG or Electrocardiogram Test

If you have nodded in affirmation to the above questions, it's time for getting an Electrocardiogram Test (or ECG Test) done.

Know the Basics

  • An Electrocardiogram abbreviated as ECG is a test which measures any abnormality or problems in the electrical activity of your heartbeat.
  • With each heartbeat, an electrical impulse (or "wave") travels through your heart, which causes the muscle to squeeze and pump blood from the heart.

Normal ECG

Normal ECG results show:

  • Heart rate of 60 to 100 beats per minute
  • Heart rhythm which is consistent and even

Abnormal ECG

Abnormal ECG results might be a sign of following heart disorders:

  • Any damage or change in the heart muscle
  • Changes in the amount of the electrolytes like potassium and calcium in the blood
  • Enlargement of the heart
  • Past or current heart attack
  • Poor or low blood supply to the heart arteries
  • Abnormal heart rhythms

Why Get an Electrocardiogram or an ECG Test Done?

  • To detect the cause of your unexplained chest pain
  • To find the cause of symptoms of heart diseases
  • To detect heart rate and find out if walls of heart chambers are too thick
  • For early detection of heart diseases

Does an Electrocardiogram Test Hurt?

Not at all. It is completely pain free and risk free procedure. There is nothing to be scared, no electricity passes through your body and there is no danger or risk of an electrical shock.

Is an ECG Harmful?

No. The ECG machine only records the electrical activity and doesn't send any electricity into the body.

"An Ounce of Prevention is Worth A Pound of Cure."

  • Preventive health checkup is very useful in early detection of heart diseases
  • Regular heart checkup is important since it helps you to detect risk factors in their earliest stages

Remember, it is only "You" who is responsible for prioritizing your own heart health. Keeping a health heartbeat is in your hands! And it is very simple - Just going for a regular heart checkup is what needs to be done.

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