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Diet For Hypertension

diet hypertension

Diet & Hypertension

Rise in blood pressure increases the risk of heart attack, stroke and kidney diseases. Apart from medication and lifestyle changes, diet also plays a major role in lowering the blood pressure.

Follow the below strategies to lower blood pressure

Sodium (salt) reduction: Even small reduction in the amount of sodium intake in diet can reduce blood pressure by 2 - 8 mmHg.

Limit sodium by 2,300 mg/day or even less.

People with age 50 and above should lower sodium level by 1,500 mg/day or less.

Boost potassium

Potassium can help in lowering the effects of sodium on blood pressure. Rather than relying on potassium supplements, include diet which is rich in this mineral like banana, dates, apricots, prunes, dried coconut etc.

Weight loss: Gradual weight loss has an overall positive effect on the blood pressure. On the other hand rapid weight loss followed by speedy regain can have harmful consequences on body and may contribute to high blood pressure and other health problems.

Regulation of alcohol intake: Excessive intake of alcohol impacts blood pressure adversely. Permitted limit of alcoholic beverages is up to 2 drinks in a day for men and 1 drink for women.

Follow DASH Diet

DASH diet or ‘Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension’ is a balanced eating plan meant to bring down the blood pressure levels by simple dietary modifications. DASH change the way a person eats, focusing on vegetables & fresh fruits, low-fat dairy, whole grains and only lean meats.

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