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Health Checkup Offers & Discounts

Indus Health Plus is the leading preventive healthcare company with a wide network of partner hospitals and facilities across the nation.

Health Checkup Offers & Discounts

The company has created a niche for itself in the preventive healthcare space because of its quality services, high standard of partner facilities, superlative customer care, affordable health packages and competitive pricing.

In order to cater the best and reasonably priced packages to its customers, Indus continually works towards delivering cheap health checkup packages so that it becomes easier for everyone to afford it.

Time to time Indus introduces various health checkup offers & discounts with government and privately run banks using which huge discounts on health checkup packages can be availed.

Latest discount, offers and deals on health checkup packages can be found on the website, on 'Indus' social media pages or by getting in touch with the customer care.

Apart from bank offers, Indus also gives offers on medical checkup packages by clubbing them together as 'Family Packages'. On buying more than one package under 'Family Packages', massive discounts can be availed. This is to encourage preventive health screenings for the whole family, which will also result in more saving.

As a CSR initiative, Indus provides a Discount Coupon to its senior citizen clients. When a client buys any of the standard packages, he gets a Discount Coupon, using which, he can avail flat 50% discount on the package price bought for a senior citizen (only above 60 years). For example, if the client buys an Indus Essentia Package for himself, he can buy full body checkup Indus Optima (or any other package) for his parent or relative (who is above 60 years old) at only 25% of the original package price.

In its continuous endeavour to provide cost effective and affordable services to its clients, Indus tenders several deals and medical checkup offers, on a regular basis. Buy preventive health checkups for yourself and your loved ones and save health, trauma and money.

Understand the importance of preventive health care and plan your regular medical health checkup to measure health risk factors. Choose the best health checkup as per your age group & keep eye on your health status. To know more about best health checkup offers & discounts or if you have any queries about health checkup, and our health expert will get back to you.

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