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7 Benefits Of Master Health Checkup

7 Benefits Of Master Health Checkup

You’ll be unable to ignore our Master Health Checkup package after reading this

Most people think that a health checkup is only necessary when they are sick. However, this is quite different from the truth. A master health checkup is an important tool for preventing multiple serious health conditions, detecting early signs of lifestyle disease, and taking care of your overall health. Yearly health checks along with a doctor’s counseling is as important as routine car servicing and timely insurance payments. 

The benefits of getting your annual master health checkup

  • Helps prevent prevalent lifestyle health conditions
  • Assists in early detection of critical diseases
  • Gives a clear picture of current health status
  • Guides in improving daily lifestyle choices
  • Formulates better healthcare related decisions
  • Benefits mental health by reducing stress
  • Improves overall health and wellbeing

How does master health checkup benefit you?
Regular full body screenings with a master health checkup help you to delay or manage preventable diseases and keep away unwanted pains and trauma from your life. They also allow you to avoid huge hospital bills on treatment.  

When to choose a comprehensive preventive screening package like Master Health Checkup?
Master Health Checkup is strongly recommended if your lifestyle includes smoking, alcohol use, obesity, lack of physical activity, and/or family history of any chronic illness. This is the most robust preventive health package having 72 tests that can reveal existing health problems at an early stage when treatment is still possible.

Why is Master Health Checkup the best annual screening package?

The tests in Master Health Checkup report your health status, functioning of organs, potential health disorders, status of existing diseases, and effects of ongoing treatment. Blood, urine and machine tests are a crucial part of health examination - they help to check blood sugar, cholesterol, liver, kidneys, heart, etc. Machine tests are quite an important part of Master Health Checkup that’s why it can’t be done from home. For instance, in assessing heart health, an overall body checkup includes ECG, CT of the aorta, CT chest, CT of the coronary artery calcium scan, CT coronary angiogram, as well as blood tests related to heart, all of these are included in the package.

A full body health screening with Master Health Checkup helps you in more ways than you can imagine. A complete body health checkup done annually can help you prevent several health conditions and also aid in their early detection. Additionally, it helps you take better care of your overall health and wellness.

Take a proactive approach towards your well-being, book Master Health Checkup now.

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