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Know Your Kidney Functions, Diseases, Symptoms & Prevention

Know Your Kidney & its Diseases Too

Know Your Kidney Functions, Diseases, Symptoms & Prevention

Our kidneys are one of the vital organs of our body, without which we cannot survive as they perform the important job of filtering blood of impure toxins.

What do they do?

They remove waste products and extra fluid and flush them out of the body as urine. When your kidneys don't work right, wastes build up in the blood and make you sick.

Each of our kidneys has about a million tiny filters, called nephrons. If nephrons are damaged, they stop working. For a while, healthy nephrons can take on the extra work. But if the damage continues, more and more nephrons shut down. After a certain point, the nephrons that are left cannot filter your blood well enough to keep you healthy.

Women & Kidney Diseases

In women the effects of kidney disorder are more pronounced. When a woman has chronic kidney disease, her periods tend to become irregular, reproduction and energy level are compromised and hormonal imbalance brings about a change in their appearance, mood swings and over all fatigue that affects them psychologically as well. The most difficult aspect of kidney disease is the fact that the symptoms are so generic that it’s not possible to differentiate it from other common illnesses.

Symptoms of Kidney Diseases

Given the subtle nature of the symptoms, below is a list to look out for:

  • Poor appetite and weight loss
  • Swollen feet, hands or ankles
  • Shortness of breath and fatigue
  • Blood or protein in urine
  • An increased need to urinate
  • Itchy skin
  • Muscle cramps
  • Nausea and dizziness

Prevention from Kidney Diseases

Water is LIFE

Water is the most essential element of our body. Our kidneys needs a huge amount of water to function correctly, therefore it is essential to consume minimum 8 glasses of water a day for your kidney to function smoothly.

Eat right, Live well

Eat fresh fruits, vegetables and lentils. Try to include food that is high in water content. During summers, make sure that you consume food which keeps you hydrated and nourished.

Know your history

Know your family’s health history. There could be a possibility that a similar lifestyle will lead to a similar heath issue. Also, be aquatinted with your own medical history. If you have diseases or conditions that increase your risk of kidney failure (like diabetes), work with your doctor to control them. Ask your doctor about tests to look for signs & symptoms of kidney damage.

Test yourself regularly

Regular checkup is an essential health care regime for everyone. It ensures early detection of a budding kidney disease. Talk with your doctor for kidney function tests.

Limit salt intake

Reduce the amount of salt you consume in your daily diet they as it tend to harm your kidney. Processed foods that are high in sodium and phosphorus additives are both can have harmful effects on the kidneys.

Watch your sugar level

Diabetes is one of the leading causes of kidney problems. While other factors too contribute to kidney disorder, it is essential to bring down your sugar levels.

Beware of self medication

Taking too many pain killers could cause kidney damage. If you have a history of kidney problem, ask your doctor which drugs are safe for you and which are not? Make sure that you are not consuming any medicine except under proper medical supervision.

Obesity is dangerous

Obesity is an invitation to lifestyle diseases like diabetes and coronary diseases. Bring down your weight to a healthy level and, maintain it. Regular exercise and a healthy diet is the first step to this.

Healthy Living

Stress is a leading contributor to poor diet, no exercise and deteriorating health. Try stress buster activities like yoga or mediation, take up a hobby, and pursue new interest. Make sure that you are healthy at body, mind and soul.

To live healthy & happy, one must keep a check on the body’s functioning by going for regular health checkups. This helps in assessing risk factors and diagnosing diseases at an early stage, which will result in effective treatment and better management of the condition.

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Stay healthy & happy!

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