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Why Preventive Health Checkup?


Why Endure, When You Can Prevent. Good health is the secret of happy life. Take care of your and your family’s health with regular preventive health checkups; timely screening helps to detect serious health conditions.

  • Everyone gets sick, even the most fitness freak around us
  • Do you smoke and drink?
  • Do you have a sedentary lifestyle?
  • Do diseases like hypertension, diabetes or cancer run in your family?
  • Save tax u/s 80D with a regular medical checkup
  • A healthy life means joy for you and your family

Why Choose Indus Health Plus?

Indus Health Plus with its experience of two decades in preventive health checkup has been a prominent and trusted name in India. Its health awareness initiatives encourage people to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Indus Features

  • Get tests and reports on the same day
  • Get checkups done at the best hospitals
  • Pay almost 50% lesser than standard checkup price
  • Easy tax benefits
  • Doctor's Consultation Pre and Post Check-up.
Timely Prevention for a Healthy Future!

why indus health checkup

Need Help Choosing a Checkup?

Corporate Checkup

Corporate Checkup

A Healthy Employee is a Productive Employee

A healthy employee is an asset to every organization. If an employee is healthy, it directly relates to decreased absenteeism and a high productivity. An employees’ productivity is directly proportional to their health and wellness be it physical or mental.

Indus Health Plus helps organizations to develop healthy resources and also to maintain their health in the long run. These healthy employees in return contribute to a healthy working environment.

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