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  • Leading the way in Medical Excellence
    Corporate Healthy Employee
    Leading the way in
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  • Leading the way in Medical Excellence
    Preventive Health Checkups on EMI?
    Preventive Health Checkups on EMI?
    Indeed Possible With INDUS!
    Now Buy Preventive Health Checkup on 3,6,9 or 12 Monthly Instalments
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Preventive Health Checkup Packages

Why Preventive Health Checkup?

Prevention is the key to good health. Regular preventive health checkups can detect and diagnose fatal diseases, which otherwise may lay hidden for a long period inside the body.

  • Even healthy people get sick and are at health risk
  • You smoke, drink or don't exercise
  • Your family may have history of cardiac diseases, diabetes or cancer
  • You deserve a healthy gift for you & your family
  • You did not get a checkup done for a long time

Why Indus Health Plus?

Indus Health Plus is India's leading preventive health checkup company. For the past 16 years, Indus is spreading the cause of prevention among people & motivating them to join the drive of 'Mission Prevention'.

Our Highpoints

  • Checkup & reports same day
  • Premium hospitals part of checkup centre network
  • Prices almost half the market rate
  • Tax Exemption in India

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Corporate Checkup

Corporate Checkup

A Healthy Employee is a Productive Employee

A healthy employee is an asset to every organization. If an employee is healthy, it directly relates to decreased absenteeism and a high productivity. An employees’ productivity is directly proportional to their health and wellness be it physical or mental.

Indus Health Plus helps organizations to develop healthy resources and also to maintain their health in the long run. These healthy employees in return contribute to a healthy working environment.