Healthy Lifestyle and Prevention: Need of Hour

Healthy Lifestyle and Prevention: Need of Hour

Lifestyle and our health have an extremely close relationship with each other. There is a difference between the lifestyle of older people. Up to the generation of our parents, lot of heed was paid towards the thought of health. They did not have to face growing competition, tensions as we do today. But still the physical work and mental wellbeing all was the outcome of their health lifestyle.

Healthy Lifestyle and Prevention: Need of Hour

Getting up early in the morning, doing physical work or exercise regularly, taking in nutritious and balanced diet, reading-thinking for mental health was their way of life.

So they had to visit doctors for medicine very rarely. Today's comforts, financial well-being situation was not available for previous generation people, but they did not care for it much. So due to good health they were surely in good mental health and very happy.

The Picture Today

Due to increasing importance to business competition, education, career, money, today's society is running behind it and taking away its lifestyle away from good health.

Negligence to personal health leads to vicious circle of bad health of all the family members. As a result there is rise in blood pressure, diabetics, heart diseases at young age. The mental tension also plays a very big role in all this. To remain in the rat race one utilizes his best period of life in hard work under tension.

In this age itself eating out frequently, irregular and imbalanced food, addiction leads people away from good health. In the beginning the attitude is "Its O.K" but then it becomes "This itself is O.K". Sitting working style is also increasing. So there is no exercise of body.

Then after five to seven years the body starts complaining and around the age of thirty one starts experiencing old age. Some feel this difference late and by that time the body machine reaches to the point of no return.

Here Comes Prevention

In such times, instead of taking treatments for the diseases, one should strive for prevention from all diseases and this alone is the best remedy. For it there is a grave need to make suitable changes in the lifestyle.

We should learn to watch how much and what we eat and how much we exercise. To ask such a question to oneself will be a turning point in case of health in your life. Changing one's lifestyle is an easy and achievable thing.

So, go for it!!

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