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Annual Checkups

Annual Checkups
  • Executive / Employee Health Checkup
  • Pre – Employment Health checkups
  • Insurance Check ups
  • Employee Wellness Programs

Behavioral Change Programs

Behavioral Change Programs
  • Anti – smoking
  • Alcoholism
  • Substance Abuse, etc.

Wellness Programs

Wellness Programs
  • Yoga
  • Fit Bit
  • Gym & Spa
  • Zumba, etc.

What Makes Indus Effective

  • No. 1 Preventive Health Checkup company
  • Package prices almost 1/3 the market price
  • Presence in major metros, tier 2, tier 3 cities, multiple Geographies & beyond
  • Reliability of reports
  • Checkup & reports same day
  • More than 6 Lakh+ checkups already availed across the world
  • Individual Login & passwords
  • Call Center support
Why Employee Wellness at Work??

Why Employee Wellness at Work??

  • Lower healthcare costs
  • Attracting and retaining employees
  • Increase in productivity
  • Drop in absenteeism
  • Reduction in work-related injuries
  • Detect and prevent illnesses before they strike

Our Service Sectors

Checkups for Manufacturing Companies
Checkups for BPO KPO
Checkup for oil companies
Oil and Gas
Checkups for Information Technology Companies
Information Technology
Checkups for Finance Sector
Checkup for Pharmaceutical Sector

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