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Measure the Impact of Employee Wellness Programs

Employee wellness programs have taken the business world by a storm. These programs are necessary, as they have shown a huge improvement in various companies' productivity. The employee wellness programs include fitness activities such as yoga or Zumba, gym membership for employees, seminars on fitness, and preventive health check-ups as well as assistance with psychological issues for the well-being of the employees. The demanding schedule and stressful work have made these employees vulnerable to chronic diseases. In India, around 72% of employees are prone to cardiovascular disease as the ASSOCHAM reports suggest. However, the employee wellness programs have been proved to be an effective solution to that. If your company has invested in an employee wellness program and is wondering if it was successful, this article will help you. When you make an investment, you expect returns. So the question is how to measure employee wellness program impact on your organization?

Employee Wellness Program Effects

Here are a few ways by which you can measure the employee wellness program effect.

  • Healthcare expenses:

    If your employee wellness programs are successful, the employees are healthy. The costs the firm spends on the critical health conditions of the employees are significantly reduced. This ultimately saves a lot of money, which can be treated as the return on investment.

  • Employee morale:

    When employees are healthy, they are naturally happier. With professional assistance for psychological issues, employees can be stress-free and therefore, the work environment is positive. Some programs have therapists for employees who might need assistance.

  • Employee satisfaction:

    If your employee wellness program is successful, employees will give you positive feedback or will request for more such programs. When you get positive response, you know that your employees are satisfied, and this increases the productivity.

  • Productivity of the employees:

    Productivity of an employee is directly proportional to physical and mental well-being. If an employee is physically fit and is happy and comfortable in the workplace, he is bound to deliver better results, which increase the productivity, which in turn expands business and thus profits.

  • Employee Retention:

    If the employees are happy and content in the workplace, they do not want to quit the firm. Thus, it saves the loss of productivity between the depart of an employee and arrival of another. This saves the company's effort to conduct interviews or hire an employee and train him/her. Thus, ultimately providing returns.

  • Reduction in absenteeism:

    A successful employee wellness program will improve the overall health of the employees. As employees are healthy, there will be a significant reduction in absenteeism, which will ultimately increase the efficiency too. Employee wellness programs include fitness programs that are fun as well that help employees to bond with each other.

Healthy and happy employees mean higher productivity and thus higher profits. Maintaining employee health should be one of the top priorities of an employer and to ensure this, employee wellness programs are a great way. If your organization is looking for a customized wellness program for the team, please fill up the query form and our executive will get back to you with the needed details.