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Importance of Employees Health Checkups During COVID Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the way we work. Employees and employers both need to adapt to this new way of working from home. This sudden change at the workplace and daily lives are impacting everyone’s lifestyle, wellbeing and overall health. Some employees these days are more stressed, and follow a more sedentary lifestyle

As many organizations have adopted permanent work from home policies, they are seeing 2 different patterns from their employees:

  • Employees are getting quality time to spend with their family and getting enough rest

  • Employees missing the workplace infrastructure and personal interactions, and unable to adapt to remote working

Apart from this, there are things the working group is worried about during this pandemic, like:

  • Remote working
  • Virtual meetings
  • Job security 
  • Personal and family health
  • Childcare 
  • Finances
  • Work timings
  • Work life balance
  • Productivity
  • Social isolation

Hence it becomes imperative on an employer’s part to address these concerns fully to get a desired output at work. Doesn’t matter if you are hiring a new staff, or planning for your current staff, it is important to think about your employee’s health needs.

It has also made it difficult for the company HRs to organize engagement activities for their employees. As an employer, you have a good chance at engagement if you cater to the health and wellness needs of your employees. Organizations should survey their employees to see which wellness areas they should be focussing on. 

Remote working has also disrupted the everyday habits of most of the people. Lifestyles have become more sedentary and meals are going for a toss! When your employees are healthy, they have higher energy, better focus and increased motivation to work. Employee health and wellness can be a good opportunity for the HR teams to fill the activity gap they have been seeing for a year. 

Gifting can be another form of corporate engagement. Choose gifts that add value to your employees life - that can help them become healthy. Something that makes them more aware about themselves and helps them take actions to change their daily lifestyle to prevent diseases.

Let your employee be happy and healthy, and become an asset to your workplace. Want to know more in detail about such employee health and wellness activities? Call us now, or visit our website.