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Covid Vaccination Drive For Corporates Employees and Societies

COVID-19 Vaccination Drive for Corporates and Societies

Remote working for more than a year has disrupted the daily lifestyle of most of the corporate employees.

More than a year ago, corporates had to suddenly adapt to working from home to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Since then, many of the corporate employees have fallen into sedentary lifestyle patterns. It has also increased the anxiety associated with Covid isolation & loneliness and health related insecurities. All of these eventually affect the productivity of individuals. An employee who is unhealthy either physically or psychologically can have lower motivation towards their work.

The way to get life back to normal, slowly but steadily

It’s now time to gear up to help your employees add some normalcy to their lives. Help them and their families be a part in ending the Covid-19 pandemic. Although the second wave of the pandemic has started to subside, there is an imminent third wave. And the best way to win over this pandemic is to get everyone vaccinated against Covid as soon as possible.

Vaccination is the only way to prevent Covid related disease severities, and the leader in preventive healthcare is bringing it to you

Indus Health Plus has been a pioneer in the field of preventive healthcare since the past 20 years. Indus believes in creating a culture of prevention and making quality healthcare available, accessible and affordable. Since the start of the pandemic, Indus has been doing its part by adding Covid tests, introducing home health checkups, and homecare facilities for Covid. Now, Indus is taking a step further and providing access to Covid vaccination to corporates and housing societies. GoI has invited participation from private healthcare companies to expedite vaccination in India. We are proud to inform that Indus Health Plus has started a covid-19 vaccination drive for the corporates and housing societies. Everyone above 18 years of age are eligible to get vaccinated under this drive. The registrations are now open for corporates to enlist their employees and their family members for the vaccination.

How can vaccination against Covid-19 help the corporates and societies?

It is important for corporates to care for the physical and psychological health and wellbeing of their employees. A healthy workforce results in enhanced performance and increased productivity.

The same goes for people staying in societies where there are a cluster of houses. People can relax and induce a feeling of safety inside the society. Vaccination can not only protect them against Covid related complications but also retain mental peace and stability to the families, thereby re-establishing work efficiency.

This is how Covid vaccination protects you:

  • They train and prepare the body’s natural defenses.
  • Your immune system starts to recognize and fight off the Coronavirus
  • If you get exposed to the virus post-vaccination, your body will be ready to fight against it, thereby preventing the severity and hospitalization

Some important information about Indus’ vaccination drive:

  • Booking available on Indus Health Plus’ website

  • You can choose the brand of vaccine according to the  availability

  • The price of each vaccine dose is dependant on the brand

  • Our vaccination process will adhere to the protocols set by government

  • Vaccines will be administered by trained medical staff 

Know more about booking vaccines for your office or society.