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Occupational Health Checkup & Its Benefits

An occupational health checkup offers several benefits to every organization. With such check-ups, it becomes possible to identify the health status of existing and new staff. Numerous companies have started taking initiatives for employee wellness and offering comprehensive health checkup packages or employee wellness programs for their employees. Why? Here are the benefits!

Benefits of Occupational Health Checkup to Employer

  • Preventive health checkups offer an excellent way to identify the prevalence of diseases among the new recruits. Moreover, it ensures that the present workforce is physically fit for the job.
  • If you conduct such checkups in your organization on a regular basis, then this will enhance physical as well as mental health among the employees. Also, it reduces the overall rate of absenteeism and participation of employees to a great extent.
  • Employees find occupational health physical exam as an easy way to avail precise health assessment. They participate actively in all such programs and even are willing to be more productive for the organization.
  • The checkups form a baseline to maintain a health record status of employees. The data can be used to offer treatment or to analyze, compare the future health trends of the employee to the present one.
  • With regular health checkups, it becomes convenient for the employers to ensure that all employees are free from any medical issues. Many companies conduct pre-employment checkups as well to decide if the candidates possess required productivity and efficiency and can be employed.
  • When a company takes an active interest in their employee’s fitness and health condition, then employees appreciate it and prefer working with such companies for a much longer time period.

Benefits of Occupational Health Checkup to Employees

  • Regular health screenings at the workplace update employee about their health condition and encourage them to adopt a healthy lifestyle.
  • Medical treatment is becoming expensive with every passing day. Preventive occupational health screening helps identify most of the ailments at an early stage. This way, timely and accurate treatment can be planned.

What Does an Occupational Health Checkup Include?

An occupational medical health checkup usually involves a basic health screening of the employees. It offers them a broad analysis of their health status. If an employee is identified with a major illness, these programs even educate him/her about the lifestyle and dietary adjustments to be done.

All in all, an occupational health screening benefits employees and employers in manifold ways. Several companies even offer customized preventive health packages. You just need to make a smart choice with a reliable option.

If you want to know more about customized preventive occupational health checkups,fill the query form to contact the experts in preventive health and corporate wellness solutions at the earliest.