Blood Cancer Types and Stages

Blood cancer is one of the most common cancers and divided into three majorly found types. These types of blood cancer varies with their origin and the area which they affect, however, they all come in same category.

This article here talks about blood cancer types and stages

Blood Cancer Types and Stages

Blood Cancer Types

  • Leukaemia -

    Cancerous cells start multiplying and affect either the bone marrow or the blood and reduce the rate of production of blood cells and results in high number of abnormal white blood cells. These white cells are not fully developed.

  • Lymphoma -

    The Lymphoma is the cancer that affects the lymphocytes (kind of white blood cells). Lymphoma is a group of blood cells tumours that generate from lymphatic cells.

  • Myeloma -

    In this type, the plasma (a component of blood) is affected by the cancerous cells.

Blood Cancer Stages

The stages of the cancer are divided on the basis of metastasis. There are different scales to determine different stages, according to the symptoms and rate of metastasis.

Mainly the stages of the cancer have been divided into four parts:

  • Stage 1

    The blood cancer 1st stage includes the enlargement of the lymph nodes. This happens because of the sudden increase of the number of the lymphocytes. The risk at this stage is very low as the cancer is not yet spread or affected any other physical organ.

  • Stage 2

    In the blood cancer 2nd stage, spleen, liver and lymph nodes get enlarged. It is not necessary that all these organs get affected at the same time; however, this stage includes one of these organs for sure. The growth of the lymphocytes is very high in this stage.

  • Stage 3

    In the blood cancer 3rd stage, anaemia develops in the third stage and above mentioned organs are still found enlarged. It is sure that more than two organs get affected in this stage.

  • Stage 4

    The blood cancer 4th stage is the last stage with the highest risk ratio. The rate of blood platelets starts falling rapidly. The cancerous cells start affecting the lungs including the other organs which already started getting affected in the earlier stages. Anaemia, in this stage, is more likely to be acute.

Blood cancer is a broad group as there are many different types of this cancer. They are categorized into three main groups. Each specific type of cancer affects a particular type of cell present in the blood. A routine blood test can lead to the early detection of these cancers. Hence, getting the right checkups at the right time may help to detect any potential health problems. Comprehensive health checkup by Indus Health plus has always been advantageous in early detecting and preventing such life-threatening diseases. To know more, fill up the query form.

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  • Blood Cancer - Overview

    Blood Cancer - Overview

    Cancer has been one of the leading reasons for deaths worldwide and blood cancer is a widely prevalent type of cancer. Most of the functions and productions of blood cells are affected by blood cancer. It is seen that most of the cancers begin from the place where blood is produced i.e. bone marrow. In this case, the process of development of normal blood cells is disrupted by the growth of an abnormal type of cell. These cancerous blood cells stop your blood from performing their primary functions like preventing blood loss, fighting against infections, etc.

  • Blood Cancer Early Signs & Symptoms

    Blood Cancer Early Signs & Symptoms

    The signs and symptoms of blood cancer are not yet clear and often do not get detected in early stages. However, there are some common known symptoms of blood cancer that can be an alert to go for a diagnostic test.

    The post here throws light on blood cancer early symptoms,

  • Blood Cancer Causes & Risk Factors

    Blood Cancer Causes & Risk Factors

    The causes of blood cancer are still unclear, however, there are certain risk factors that are associated with blood cancer. The causes of blood cancer can be genetic.

    The article contains some useful information about the blood cancer causes, survival chances and effects.

  • Blood Cancer Prevention

    Blood Cancer Prevention

    Although there is not much that can be done as a preventive measure to avert blood cancer but staying away from known risk factors may help.

  • Blood Cancer Diet

    Blood Cancer Diet

    There are certain diet tips that everyone should be aware of, as these dietary habits help the cancer patients to stay healthy and strong to fight the disease and may also help people to prevent the blood cancer.

  • Blood Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment

    Blood Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment

    Blood cancer is an umbrella disease with its different kind of types. Hence, there are several diagnostic tests to find the cancer and different treatments available according to the type.

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