Concerned about Unhealthy Liver? Know the Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

The liver plays a vital role in digestion by providing necessary biochemicals and helps in metabolism. Malfunctioning of the liver could lead to dangerous health conditions. Hence, it is crucial to take proper care of our liver. Some bad habits, poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle, can affect the liver and lead to certain diseases. In India, around 10 lakh patients are diagnosed with liver cirrhosis every year.

Concerned about Unhealthy Liver? Know the Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

Causes of Unhealthy Liver

  1. Infections

    Viruses can cause liver infection that leads to liver inflammation and reduces its functionality. Viruses can spread through blood, contaminated food, etc. The most common virus that affects our liver is hepatitis virus.
  2. Genetics

    The genetics can also be the reason behind an unhealthy liver. The abnormal genes inherited from your parents can lead to liver disorders.
  3. Alcohol

    Excess intake of alcohol is one of the most common reasons behind the liver problems. Alcohol consumption is toxic to the liver and causes inflammation. In case of chronic alcohol abuse, the accumulated fat near liver reduces its functional capability.

Symptoms of Unhealthy Liver

Symptoms of poorly functioning liver may include -

  • The yellowish appearance of eyes and skin
  • Swelling of ankles and legs
  • Itchy skin
  • Dark-colored urine
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Easy bruising and bleeding
  • Pale stool color
  • Positive SGPT test- SGPT, i.e., serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase is an enzyme found in the heart and liver. When the heart or liver is damaged, the blood SGPT level is increased. SGPT blood test is a marker that indicates this damage; ensure that your regular preventive checkup package includes this test.

Though these symptoms sound disturbing, liver disease prevention is the key that prevents alcohol consumption as well as the non-alcoholic fatty liver disease by lifestyle modifications while Hepatitis B can be prevented with vaccination.

  1. Control the Alcohol Consumption

    The human liver has to perform around 500 functions every day. A significant amount of alcohol consumption builds fats around the liver known as the alcoholic fatty liver disease, which can be life threatening. Quitting alcohol consumption or cutting it down as much as one can is the only solution.
  2. Drink Plenty of Water

    Drinking water is always beneficial. It helps to flush the toxins out of your body and prevents thickening of the blood, thus helps its easy filtering through the liver.
  3. Exercise Regularly

    One essential part is to start exercising. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is associated with being obese or overweight. Regular exercise will help in preventing the liver disease by maintaining the healthy weight.
  4. Eat Healthy

    A healthy diet is vital to keep the liver healthy. Cut down on the carbs and eat more nuts. Low carb diet helps in maintaining healthy liver by controlling the calorie intake.
  5. Cut down on Fizzy Drinks.

    The cold drinks available in the market contain added sugar leading to obesity. Cut down on the consumption of such beverages.

Keeping liver healthy is extremely important and prevention is better than cure. If you observe any symptoms of liver disease, contact your family doctor immediately. For more information, please fill the query form and we will be happy to help you with a preventive medical health checkup that ensures you live strong and fit.

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  • Your Handbook For Diagnosis Of Liver Diseases Through Sgpt Test/ Alt

    Your Handbook For Diagnosis Of Liver Diseases Through Sgpt Test/ Alt

    What’s an SGPT test/ALT?

    This is a blood test that measures an enzyme made in the liver called Alanine Transaminase (ALT). It is released into the blood when tissues are damaged. This enzyme is also called serum glutamic-pyruvic transaminase (SGPT).

  • Unhealthy Lifestyle and Fatty Liver Disease: Know them to prevent them

    Unhealthy Lifestyle and Fatty Liver Disease: Know them to prevent them

    The liver plays a crucial role in metabolism by providing necessary biochemicals and thus performs several essential activities. Failing to take proper care of the liver can lead to some severe disorders such as fatty liver diseases. The risk is so immense that it is the tenth most common cause of death in India according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

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    People are more conscious about their appearance in today's world. Just having a good or healthy appearance does not help, you should be healthy from inside. Many research studies have recently revealed that if you are fat, overweight obese you are prone to a variety of serious health issues. Since we are talking about fat, do you know the fats we consume from foods are metabolized (broken down) in the liver? Now imagine what will happen in case this fat is accumulated in the liver itself? Let's get to know more about this condition called fatty liver.

  • 3 simple tips to lower your SGPT & SGOT levels

    3 simple tips to lower your SGPT & SGOT levels

    The bottomline of a healthy body is a healthy liver. Liver assists in a lot of body functions and also flushes out toxins and helps in metabolism. Taking care of the liver becomes easy when you make a healthy lifestyle your habit. Following a healthy lifestyle keeps you fit and also keeps your liver away from diseases. Everything that you consume, including medicines and alcohol is filtered by your liver. Hence, it is an important organ for the body to function properly. Prevention is always better than cure, so taking care of your liver can help you in avoiding treatments and complications. SGPT & SGOT are the enzymes produced by your liver & its cells. High SGPT/SGOT is an indication of liver cell injury, they need to be detected through regular health checkups.

  • Causes of high SGPT level and its diagnosis?

    Causes of high SGPT level and its diagnosis?

    What is Higher Level of SGPT?

    SGPT exists predominantly in the liver and leaks into the bloodstream when produced in excess. The SGPT normal range is about 7 to 56 units per liter of blood serum. Thus, very high level of SGPT in the blood can be an indication of damage or problems related to the liver. Certain diseases like cirrhosis and hepatitis raise the blood serum SGPT levels, so do specific medications including statin used to lower cholesterol.

  • Monitor your liver health with regular SGPT blood test

    Monitor your liver health with regular SGPT blood test

    Our liver has the most important function in our body. It filters the blood coming from the digestive tract, and also detoxifies it and metabolizes drugs. It becomes imperative, therefore to take care of our liver. Keeping a track of the SGPT levels in our blood, we can be well informed about the functioning of our liver. The liver is considered to be ill-functioned if the level of SGPT is high. These changed levels can be checked with SGPT blood test. On the basis of the results of this test, the future corrective action can be planned by a doctor.

  • Need Help on Liver Disease ?

    Need Help on Liver Disease ?

    Liver disease can be avoided with simple preventive actions and proper diet.

    Need Help on Liver Disease ?

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