Stomach Cancer - Diet, Facts & Awareness

Stomach cancer is the fourth most common cancer in the world. According to an estimate there are 1 million new cases in the world each year. It is generally diagnosed at later stages.

Stomach Cancer - Diet, Facts & Awareness

This article guides for proper stomach cancer diet. It also throws some light on stomach cancer awareness and provides you an insight on survival rate.

Diet Advice

Nutrition plays an important role in fighting against any disease. We bring you list of some foods which helps in fighting against cancer and the ones to reduce chances of stomach cancer.

  • Eat Food Rich in Quercetin:

    Eat plenty of onions, apples, citrus fruits, cherries and broccoli as all these foods are rich sources of quercetin and helps in averting this cancer.

  • Use Turmeric:

    Curcumin is a chemical found in turmeric. It has strong anti-cancer properties and triggers self-destruct mechanism in cancer cells.

  • Food rich in Allicin:

    Garlic is the richest source of allicin and is very effective against this cancer. Onion is also a good source of allicin.

  • Food rich in Vitamin A, C and E:

    Eat plenty of spinach and almonds for vitamin E, citrus fruits and tomatoes for vitamin C and carrots & sweet potatoes for vitamin A.

  • Avoid:

    Smoking, highly salted and smoked foods

  • Reduce:

    Animal fat consumption

  • Limit:

    Alcohol consumption


  • Stomach cancer is the second most common cause of cancer related death worldwide.

  • Every year there are around 1 million new stomach cancer cases and around 800,000 deaths worldwide.

  • Early detection is the key to a good prognosis.

  • This risk increases if somebody close in the family is suffering from stomach cancer.

  • Change in lifestyle such as avoiding alcohol and smoking or eating a diet rich in fruit and vegetables reduces risk of this cancer.

  • People with blood type A are more prone to stomach cancer.

  • Most cases of stomach cancer are diagnosed after 50 years of age.

Stomach Cancer Survival Rate

The survival rate of stomach cancer is very low as it is not easy to diagnose it at earlier stages. We have represented the survival rate in tabular form by taking reference to 5 years of survival rate. The survival rate refers to percentage of patient who lived 5years after their cancer was diagnosed.


5 year survival rate

Stage IA


Stage IB


Stage IIA


Stage IIB


Stage III


Stage IV

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