Smoking, Alcohol & Junk Food Facts

Smoking, alcohol and junk food are definitely the biggest three idiots of nutrition and health. And sadly everyone seems to love this trio even though their harmful effects are evident, apparent and known to all.

Smoking, Alcohol & Junk Food Facts

We all are aware of the ill effects of the above said things, like smoking can cause cancers and lead to various other lung diseases, alcohol can damage liver adversely and junk food can make you obese.

Now have a look at some alarming facts related to them.

Shocking Smoking Facts

  • Every eight seconds, one life is lost due to tobacco use
  • There is enough nicotine in five cigarettes to kill an adult if ingested whole
  • Urea is one of the flavour enhancers used in cigarettes
  • According to some researchers, a smoker will live 14 years less
  • 90% of the lung cancer patients are smoker

Alarming Alcohol Facts

  • 45 % of road fatalities are due to crashes caused by drunk drivers
  • Alcohol is a major cause of liver cirrhosis, a condition of permanent damage to liver
  • Most rapes, murders, suicides and other violent activities take place under the influence of alcohol
  • Alcohol is a depressant
  • Alcohol diminishes sexual performance in men and causes erectile dysfunction

Junk food facts

  • Leads to obesity
  • A regular glass of cola drink contains 8-10 spoons of sugar
  • One normal size burger contains 350 calories
  • Processed and canned stuff contains HIGH quantities of sodium
  • Most of it is loaded with trans fat, which is responsible for increasing cholesterol
  • Replaces nutrition with empty calories

Now, the adverse effects of these Three Idiots go hand-in-hand with another trio - diabetes, hypertension and heart disease.

If you are close to any of the idiot, do get regular preventive health checkups done to assess what damage they have done?

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