Seasonal Health Calendar


January :

New Year begins with promises, resolutions and chill in the air. Make healthy and practically achievable resolutions and stick to them! Kick start your fresh year by eating right, exercising, keeping stress at minimum and abandoning ill habits of smoking and drinking.

Seasonal Health Calendar

Stay warm, stay indoors and avoid direct and prolonged exposure to cold weather. Even though you don't feel thirsty, keep yourself hydrated with enough water. Beyond common cold, arthritis, skin diseases (eczema & psoriasis), heart ailments and respiratory diseases flare up in winter season. If you already have a history of these diseases, take appropriate measures to keep them in check.

February :

As the chill in the air begins to subside, pay more attention to your body, health and wellness. 4th February is the World Cancer Day. More than 13,000 people die of various cancers each year due to smoking, excessive sun exposure, poor diet and indiscriminate alcohol, inadequate exercise or just being overweight. Talk to your doctor and discuss about minimising your risks, if you may have any!


In India, summers are long and hot. Make sure that you are well protected from the harmful effects of UV rays. The summer heat can lead to several health problems, mainly dehydration and sunstroke.

March :

As the weather warms up and flowers begin to bloom, allergies starts cropping up due to increased pollen in the air. Asthmatics, especially children, need to be taken care of beforehand as pollens can trigger asthmatic attack.

8th March is World Kidney Day. Celebrate this day by getting your renal system (kidney and urinary system) checked.

24th March is World TB Day. In India even today, 2 deaths occur every 3 minutes due to tuberculosis. TB is completely curable with proper care & treatment. Don't ignore symptoms such as prolonged evening rise of fever, coughing and blood in sputum. Early detection leads to best disease management.

April :

This is considered as the perfect month for spring cleaning your house. We suggest that you make it the chosen month to go for an Fitness health checkup and 'spring clean' your body as well.


7th April is celebrated as the World Health Day worldwide and draws attention towards global healthcare. Mark this day to pay attention to yours and your loved one's health and wellbeing.

May :

Summer heat begins to pick up by now. It's time to stay away from direct sunlight and outdoor venturing. Gasteroenteritis (food poisoning) and heat strokes are commonly seen in this month. Eat and drink only at hygienic places. Avoid street food and drinks. Boil water before consumption if it is from an unreliable source.

World No Tobacco Day falls on 31st May. Quitting is the only way to cut risks of deadly cancers caused by tobacco consumption. Pledge against it!

June :

Typical summer ailments such as urinary tract infections, typhoid and cholera are commonly seen in this month. Viral infections like chicken pox and measles (especially in children) become prevalent as virus spreads more rapidly in heat. Get vaccinations done for these.


July :

By the end of July, monsoon covers the whole country. Vector borne and water borne diseases like malaria, dengue, chikun gunia, jaundice, typhoid, hepatitis and gastroenteritis are on rise in this month. Make sure there are no water collection sources nearby. Stay protected from mosquitoes. Avoid eating and drinking out.

28th July is World Hepatitis Day. Get a liver profile test done if experiencing symptoms of loss of appetite, frequent indigestion, paleness of skin & urine, weight loss and fever.

August :

Above diseases continue to follow in this month as well. Similar precautions are needed unless the sky clears up and humidity in the weather subsides.


Once the rains go away, it is time to build up a healthy immune system and prepare one's body against the cold and flu season coming ahead.

September :

Weather becomes less humid, more sunny and pleasant.

28th September is World Heart Day. Heart ailments in India are the biggest killer surpassing all other communicable diseases. Get a complete heart checkup done for yourself and everyone who is at risk of heart diseases in the family.

October :

Change in weather brings back viral fevers and allergies. Vector borne diseases such as dengue and malaria still hover around.

Osteoporosis Day falls on 20th October. Elderly people above 50, especially women, must get their bone density checked as with age bones tend to become weak and brittle.

October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. All women above 40 should visit their gynaecologists to get a breast checkup done and screen for any probable abnormal growths in the breast.

November :

Winter is just round the corner and so are cold and flu episodes. Practice good hygiene by using a tissue whenever coughing or sneezing and regularly washing your hands.

14th November is World Diabetes Day. India is the diabetes capital of the world. Getting regular blood sugar tests is vital for everyone, irrespective of age.


December :

Cold weather is back with all its heath issues. Flu, cough, pneumonia, respiratory infections, arthritis and other disease begin to creep in. World AIDS Day is marked on 1st December. Practicing safe sex cuts down the risk of AIDS to up to 80%.

It is essential to stay healthy and eat healthy foods according to the season. Everyone is vulnerable to seasonal diseases so precaution is important. Keeping yourself healthy and fit is so important, for which you need to take a regular checkup.

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