Get Full Body Lab Health Checkup At Home

In the last one year, we have all understood the value of a healthy body and good immunity. In a pandemic hit world, preventing lifestyle diseases should be the number one priority for every family. Covid cases are on the rise and it’s imperative to stay at home for safety. However, don’t let that affect your regular health checkups.

Get Full Body Lab Health Checkup At Home

Book a lab health checkup package that has a home sample pickup facility

Get your health checkup from home with full body laboratory tests. You don’t have to visit a diagnostic centre or a hospital so that you can be completely safe from Covid infection. Booking is easy, just a few clicks on our website, and choose a date and time for your blood sample pickup. The person who comes to collect samples maintains all Covid safety measures. We make sure to provide a detailed guideline to you so that everyone remains safe from coronavirus infection. After your tests, your reports are delivered in your email within 48 hours.

Choose from a collection of full body test packages according to your age

Necessia - that covers essential blood tests that are required to assess your current health status. It includes tests for checking immunity, deficiencies diabetes, cholesterol, triglycerides, thyroid, and much more. Recommended for all age groups to keep a tab on health and detect diseases early, if any. 

Preventia - includes all tests from Necessia along with other high end blood tests that are required for people above 30 years of age. This analyzes the major functioning of the body.

Why is regular full body health checkup important?

Your daily lifestyle affects your health. Hence, your health status keeps changing with time and age. It is essential to know any underlying developing diseases to keep yourself in good health. Given below are some factors that affect your health and body:

  1. Bad food habits, like consuming junk food
  2. Not having a balanced and nutritious diet
  3. Addictive habits like smoking cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and drinking alcohol
  4. Not having enough sleep
  5. Stressful life and anger issues
  6. Low physical activity
  7. Sitting at desk for work for long time

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