Does Stress Cause Heart Disease? Know the Facts

An unexpected bad news is enough to upset anyone and cause stress. The effects of stress are harmful for our health. We should be aware on how to avoid or manage stress caused by any expected or unexpected situations. When it comes to stress, the tolerance levels vary person-to-person. Some individuals can handle stressful situations like a laughing Buddha while others suffer from panic attacks with just a minor change in their schedule.

Does Stress Cause Heart Disease? Know the Facts

When the stress level is high, it causes a lot of health issues. The most common health problem caused by stress is high blood pressure, leading to heart diseases like heart attacks. The current alarming status of heart disease in India, projects by 2020, the burden of heart diseases will surpass all other countries. In India, It is estimated that 17.5 million cardiovascular diseases deaths; account for 31% of all deaths worldwide. You can imagine how grave this heart diseases epidemic is.

Although there is on-going research to determine the effect of stress on heart; it is a known fact that it plays a vital role in contributing to the heart disease like high blood pressure and blood cholesterol. The body responds differently in different people when stressed. Some people experience body aches while others have the urge to eat more food. Some people even find relief from stress in dangerous habits like drinking, smoking and taking drugs.

If the level of stress remains on the high side all the time, the body starts reacting vigorously to counter it. The immune system gets strained as it is not able to find a physical opposition to fight and consequently gets slower in the process.

Managing stress to prevent heart diseases

  • If you can manage stress levels, it will be good for your overall health. The researchers have revealed that those who are able to control their stress with medication or home remedies, can deal with health issues in a much better way. Such people have a healthy heart and factors like blood pressure, sugar level and cholesterol remain in control. A complete health checkup is an effective means to detect early signs of stress and heart related issues. Early detection can help early treatment and increased chances of fast cure.

How to manage stress?

  • Before going for medication, you should first try different methods of stress management like exercising, change in diet, avoiding addictions like smoking and drinking, and losing weight if you have put on some extra pounds.
  • In case you still fail to manage stress levels, do consult a doctor before it causes serious complications like depression or anxiety.

Remember, sometimes even a good laugh can avoid stress. Do not let your problems take control over you.

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