Breast Cancer Symptoms

In initial stages, there are not many apparent symptoms for breast cancer.

While it is still not clear what exactly causes breast cancer but we do know that certain risk factors are linked to the occurrence of disease.

In advanced stages, mostly the cases of breast cancer are found by women themselves when they notice unusual changes in the breast.

Breast Cancer Symptoms

The earlier breast cancer is detected, better are the chances of treating it successfully.

Every woman should be ‘breast aware’, which simply means knowing what her normal breasts look and feel like, looking out for any unusual changes and regularly getting them checked out by a doctor.

It’s as simple asTLC

T- TOUCH Your Breasts

Do you feel anything unusual?

  • Do you feel a lump in the breast, upper chest or armpits?
  • Is there an unusual thickening of the breast tissue that doesn’t go away?
  • Is there any unusual pain?

L- LOOK For Changes

Are there any changes in shape or texture?

  • Any change in size or shape (one breast might become larger or lower than the other one)?
  • Any change in the texture of breast skin such as puckering or dimpling?
  • Any change in colour? Like redness?
  • What about the direction of the nipple? Has it become inverted (turned in)?
  • Any unusual discharge from one or both nipples?
  • Any rash or crusting of the nipple or surrounding area?

C- CHECK Any Unusual Findings With Your Doctor

Is anything unusual? If you find so, get it checked out by your doctor at the earliest.

Remember, before or during periods, you may normally feel breast tissue changes or experience slight tenderness. So, do not get panicky and alarmed with every minor finding.

Regular self examination of breast will help you understand and identify the difference between normal breast and abnormal symptoms.

Don’t wait for the symptoms to appear. Go for regular health checkups.

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