Blood Cancer

Blood Cancer Prevention

Although there is not much that can be done as a preventive measure to avert blood cancer but staying away from known risk factors may help.

Blood Cancer Prevention

The post here helps to find ways to reduce the chance of getting affected by taking some precautionary measures and also provides information about blood cancer test and its detection.

Blood Cancer Prevention

Even after a lot of research scientists are not able to find ways to prevent most types of blood cancer. There are no absolute risk factors identified for this cancer but the key is to reduce the known ones. Also, doing some of these simple things will boost your immunity and can reduce the risk to some extent.

  • Avoid Exposure to Radiations

    If possible avoid exposure to high doses of radiation as during the certain treatment procedures patients are often exposed to high intensity radiation which increases their odds of succumbing to blood cancer.

  • Avoid Exposure to Chemicals

    Avoid getting exposed to certain harmful chemicals such as pesticides, as this may add up to increased risk of blood cancer. If your occupation forces you to stay in touch with these chemicals you must take proper safety measures. Exposure to benzene can also increase the chances of this cancer.

  • Avoid Smoking or Tobacco in Every Form

    Cigarette or tobacco consumption is a huge risk factor for not only cancers but several other diseases and should be completely avoided.

By following few healthy lifestyle habits given below one can reduce the chances of getting affected with any type of cancer.

  • Regular Exercise

    Regular exercise is essential to keep the body healthy. If you exercise daily for 30 minutes there are less chances of getting affected to the blood cancer, but still there is no evidence which supports it.

  • Eat Healthy

    Healthy food consumption helps you to fight against diseases. Increasing consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables that contain fibers and a lot of nutrients reduces the risk of blood cancer to some extent

  • Don't Ignore the Symptoms

    Be watchful of your body and the signals it gives to you, especially when you are being exposed to one or few risk factor of blood cancer. Always consult your doctor when any kind of signs related to the cancer is seen.

    By having regular health checkups the blood cancer detection can be done at early stages.

Blood cancer begins in the bone marrow where our blood is produced and thereby affects the production and function of the blood cells. In the majority of blood cancers, there is an interruption in the process of development of normal blood cell through uncontrolled growth of an abnormal type of blood cell. Through master health check up, doctors can get clues to make the diagnosis. So, have your routine check-up from reputed health care service providers like Indus Health plus. To connect with us, fill the below form and we will get in touch with you.

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