Things That You Should Know About Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer occurs when there is a change in DNA of the bladder cells - causing them to divide and multiply at an abrupt rate. This abnormal cell growth forms masses known as tumors. Early detection is the key to a successful treatment of bladder cancer. What exactly is the cause of bladder cancer is unknown. Bladder cancer usually takes a long time to develop, and is more commonly diagnosed in people aged between 50-80 years old.

Things That You Should Know About Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer can be life-threatening hence understanding it thoroughly and spreading the awareness about it can be beneficial. Read this article to understand about bladder cancer in-depth; symptoms, how early detection helps, what are the risk factors, and prevention methods.

Bladder cancer signs and symptoms
Symptoms to note in the early stages:
Blood in the urine or haematuria
Experiencing pain or burning sensation while urinating
Feeling an urge to urinate immediately even when the bladder is not full

Advanced bladder cancer symptoms: with the advanced stages of bladder cancer, the tumor becomes large enough to reach the other organs of the body, and can cause these symptoms:
Pain in one side of the lower back - flank pain
Loss of appetite
Unable to urinate 
Sudden unexplained weight loss 
Growth in pelvis near bladder 
Bone or joint pain
Swelling in feet
Lumps in the abdomen or neck
Pain in the tummy
Yellowness in eyes or skin 

Risk factors of bladder cancer 
Ageing: growing old increases the risk of bladder cancer. About 90% of people diagnosed with bladder cancer are above 55 years of age.
Gender: men are more likely to suffer from this cancer than women.
Family History:  having a close family member having bladder cancer can increase your risk for it. 
Occupational Hazards: people working in dye, textile, paint, leather and rubber industry have a higher risk of developing bladder cancer.

These lifestyle associated factors can also increase your risk:
Smoking or consuming tobacco 
Exposure to chemicals 
Personal history of other cancers 
Having Diabetes
Stones in the bladder
Not having enough fluids

Bladder cancer can be prevented or treated successfully 
Early detection is very important for preventing or treating bladder cancer. Indus Health Plus' full body health checkup helps to assess the health and functioning of all the organs in your body, and reports any possible complications. Your health checkup results help your physician to determine the path of your healthcare. Depending on the severity of the stage of bladder cancer, your treatment could include lifestyle and habits modifications, or surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy. 

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