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Appendicitis: Causes, Symptoms, Prevention & Diet

What is Appendicitis?

Appendicitis is a tricky disease as its symptoms are pretty much common and vague. The chances are, you might confuse it with gallbladder problems, urinary tract infection, gastritis etc.

Appendicitis: Causes, Symptoms, Prevention & Diet

Appendicitis is the acute or chronic inflammation of the appendix which causes severe pain in the gastro vascular region. The appendix is a small tube-like structure at the end of the large intestine with no discernible function. The inflammation is usually caused by blockages created due to bacterial infections. Appendicitis is found in about 0.34% of school going children in India. And in case of the adults in India, 0.25% of the population suffer from appendicitis.

Appendicitis Symptoms

  • Pain in the region around the bellybutton
  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Constipation or diarrhoea
  • Inability to pass gas
  • Painful urination

Appendicitis Causes

There can be multiple causes of appendicitis . Many of them are unknown. However, here are some of the known and common causes of appendicitis.

  • Enlarged lymphoid follicles
  • Tumours
  • Abdominal trauma

When there is a blockage in the appendicular tube, it causes the breeding of bacteria which may result in the formation of pus adding to an excess pressure inside the appendix. This causes severe pain in the lower right side of the stomach.

Appendicitis Treatment

Treatment of appendicitis includes an inevitable appendectomy surgery. The removal of the appendix is necessary after appendicitis to avoid further complications. In case the appendix has ruptured, immediate surgery is required. However, if the burst has not taken place, all the accumulate pus is sucked out through a tube after which the surgery takes place. Appendectomy can be performed in two ways; open surgery and laparoscopy. Laparoscopy is a less invasive technique and thus, has a shorter recovery period. However, if appendicitis has ruptured the appendix, open surgery is the only option. In extremely rare cases, if appendicitis is diagnosed at a very primitive stage, it can be treated without surgery with only the use of antibiotics and a liquid diet.

Appendicitis Prevention

Appendicitis can be prevented by choosing the right food in your diet and having a balanced diet.

Foods you should eat:

Foods rich in fibre are recommended to prevent diseases like appendicitis. These include:

  • Oats or wheat gram over breakfast cereals
  • Whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose flour
  • Brown rice instead of white rice
  • Fresh fruits for dessert

Foods you should avoid:

If you are wondering, what food can cause appendicitis, here is the list of foods that can cause appendicitis.

  • Fried foods are fatty and can irritate the digestive system.
  • Alcohol harms the liver and thus affects digestion.
  • Red meat contains a lot of fat and is difficult to digest.
  • Cakes, pastries etc. that contain too much sugar.
Appendicitis: Causes, Symptoms, Prevention & Diet

Appendicitis can be cured at the initial stage. To know about the potential health risks posed to your body, get a preventive medical health check-up done by experts. A timely check-up saves you from further pain, tension and medical expenses. If you find out some health issues well in advance, you can take the necessary steps to prevent it.

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