What you need to know about Alzheimer disease

Alzheimer’s is the mental deterioration which occurs progressively in the middle or old age. It is the commonest form of dementia and a generalized term used for memory loss or some other cognitive abilities which are serious enough to affect the daily routine. It is a progressive disease which hampers the mental state of a person. According to the World Alzheimer Report published in 2015, in India, approximately 4.1 million people are affected with Alzheimer Disease.

What you need to know about Alzheimer disease

During the first stage of the disease, the patient experiences mild confusion and problem in remembering even the day-to-day events. In the later stages, the patient starts to forget important people and events. Alzheimer’s is the major cause of dementia. It causes a group of brain disorders which further result in loss of intellectual and social skills. The brain cells start to degenerate or die in this disease which results in a continuous decline in the memory and brain functions. There is no cure for the disease. However, with the help of a preventive health checkup it can be detected early and thus medications can be prescribed to improve the condition.

Stages and Symptoms

  • Mild/Early Stage:

    In this stage, Alzheimer’s symptoms include memory loss and confusion. The patient becomes less energetic and the behavior starts to change.
  • Moderate/Middle Stage:

    In this stage, the patient feels difficulty in performing normal daily tasks and requires assistance in completing them.
  • Severe/Late Stage:

    In this stage, the patient finds it difficult to do any task and needs continuous help throughout the day. In most of the cases, the patient becomes aggressive and depressed. The patient will eventually lose the ability to talk or walk as well. Ultimately, the ability to swallow food and fluids deteriorates.

Causes of Alzheimer Disease

Doctors believe that this disease is caused by the combination of a genetic disorder, lifestyle and environmental factors. Though the exact reason of the disease is still unknown, it is clear that the disease attacks the brain cells.


The disease is diagnosed via a series of scans. Additionally, tests are performed to check motor functions and memory of the patient. Whole body check-up helps in pin pointing the cause of dementia. Blood tests are done to rule out any other reasons for memory loss like thyroid and vitamin deficiency.

Alzheimer’s Treatment

  • The doctors prescribe antidepressants, memory boosters and anti-anxiety drugs to control the main symptoms.
  • It is important to create a safe and supportive environment for the patient where he or she can feel safe.
  • Regular exercise helps in controlling the symptoms.
  • Healthy diet also helps in improving the condition.

Prevention of Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s cannot be prevented. However, by controlling one’s lifestyle and making minor changes in the diet along with regular health checkup; the advanced stages of the disease can be delayed. A Complete health checkup can be helpful to know the health status on a regular basis.


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