Health Checkup Day

Health Checkup Day
health checkup instruction

You reach the checkup centre and follow the instructions given by the Indus executive at the time of instruction call.

You will be greeted at the registration desk by an Indus representative who will assist you in completing all registration formalities.

checkup representative
physical evaluation
  • You will be taken for a complete medical history and physical evaluation
  • Fasting blood and urine samples will be taken
  • You will be provided breakfast
  • Further tests are conducted
  • Two hours after breakfast, another blood sample (PP) will be taken
  • Remaining tests are completed
full body screening
health checkup reports

Reports of the tests are given same day. Post test expert counselling by doctor for a final assessment of all your test reports.

If you have any pre-existing disease/illness, make sure you carry all relevant reports with you, You are expected to keep a day's time off for all the tests to be conducted, consultation from doctor to be taken and dispatch of report to be completed.

dispatch reports

Health Checkup Packages

  • Essentia (For 20's)

    Basic tests for the young

  • Family Health Checkup Package

    For a family of young & elderly

  • Diamond Couple Checkup

    When age is catching up!

  • Star Couple Checkup

    For mature with a hectic lifestyle

  • Young Couple Checkup

    For young & busy

  • Full Body Checkup Package

    Know your body 'in & out'

  • Essential Heart Checkup

    A closer look at your heart

  • Fitness Checkup Package

    Basic tests for the young

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