This Summer - Say NO to Diseases

Not only mangoes and loads of icy stuff, SUMMER brings a bunch of diseases too.

This Summer -Say NO to Diseases

Typhoid Fever

It is a water-borne disease, which gets passed on through contaminated food and water and is caused by a notorious bacterium - Salmonella Typhi. During hot humid weather, this bacterium proliferates in unhygienically stored food & water sources.

This Summer - Say NO to Diseases

Diarrhoea & Dysentery

Watery stools, dehydration and stomach ache - all come together and pulls down the person completely, leaving him exhausted, parched and weak. Causative organisms are various bacteria and virus. Again, the reason behind is contaminated food & water.

Measles & Chicken Pox

Hot and humid weather serves as an ideal breeding ground for various skin rashes and eruptions. Mostly children fall for these viral infections, which manifest in form of small and fluid filled rashes, accompanied with fever and other symptoms.

Heat Stroke

Excessive high temperature of the atmosphere and exposure to dry-hot wind and sun can lead to a heat stroke. This is failure of the body’s temperature-regulating mechanism, when exposed to excessively high temperatures. The person passes out & develops high fever and associated symptoms.


Simple measures can save you from several complications

  • Eat & drink only freshly prepared & hygienically stored food/water
  • Avoid eating roadside food
  • Avoid stepping out in sun between 11 am to 4 pm

During the summer, the human body may suffer from several health conditions such as dehydration or diarrhea, which if not treated on time can pose a danger to overall health for people of all ages. However, one can change this with proper care. Drinking plenty of water is not enough; you must know what your body lacks. That is why a preventive health checkup before the summer is essential. It can help you understand what needs to be done to remain hydrated during summer and the nutrients your body requires. Indus Health Plus offers a fitness checkup that will help you avoid any summer diseases or weakness. For further inquiry, contact us by filling up the form below.

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  • Untold Diet & Nutrition Tips To Follow This Summer

    Untold Diet & Nutrition Tips To Follow This Summer

    Healthy Summer Diet

    Come summer and you begin to become restless. The heat hampers a lot of your work and affects your eating habits as well. With temperature soaring only upwards you feel dehydrated and low on energy and your body constantly looks out for ways to cool it. In all this summer diet has an important role to play. Here are some summer diet tips for you to keep the body cool and energy levels high.

  • Benefits Of Drinking Water In Summer

    Benefits Of Drinking Water In Summer

    Benefits of drinking water in summer, winter or all year long are immense. There is no drink or potion as hydrating and healthy as water.

    Especially when the mercury rises, need and advantages of drinking water becomes evident.

  • Dehydration Causes, Symptoms & Prevention

    Dehydration Causes, Symptoms & Prevention

    Dehydration is a typical summer illness. Hot and humid weather leads to dehydration in the body due to several reasons. Dehydration occurs when there is a mismatch and the amount of water leaving the body is higher than the amount being taken in.

  • Heat Stroke Symptoms, Causes & Prevention

    Heat Stroke Symptoms, Causes & Prevention

    Heat stroke is a condition where body's temperature gets elevated drastically. During summer time, it is one of the commonest conditions affecting people in India. As the sun turns blazing hot and piercing hot wind blows all through the day, people get gripped with this summer disease.

    Infants & young children, athletes, outdoor workers, and old people are at greatest risk for getting a heat stroke when exposed to extreme hot conditions

    When severe, it could be a medical emergency and needs immediate management and support.

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