Stomach Cancer - Causes & Risk Factors

There are many factors that cause stomach cancer. Due to abnormal changes, cells grow abruptly giving rise to a cluster of tissue which is known as tumor. The actual cause of tumor is still not clear but there are few risk factors which have been identified as triggers.

Stomach Cancer - Causes & Risk Factors

This article helps you identify stomach cancer causes and risk factors.

Stomach Cancer Causes

The causes of stomach cancer include:

  • Anemia:

    People suffering from a particular type of anemia known as pernicious anemia, which causes the deficiency of vitamin B12 are at a slightly increased the risk of developing stomach cancer.

  • Helicobacter Pylori:

    (H. pylori) A bacterium which is harmless in most of the people, but in some cases it may lead to indigestion and long term inflammation, which can eventually increase the chances of stomach cancer.

  • Genetic Reasons:

    If somebody close in your family like your parents or siblings are suffering or had a history of cancer, you become prone to the disease.

  • Radiation Exposure:

    Repeated exposure during medical tests (like CT scans or too frequent X-rays) as they use radiation which may be harmful to you.

  • Occupational Hazard:

    People working in coal, metal and rubber industries get exposed to chemicals, which are linked to cause stomach cancer.

  • Smoking:

    While smoking tobacco you always end up inhaling some smoke in your stomach, which causes damage to cells in the stomach.

  • History of Cancer:

    Men who in past have suffered from testicular cancer, prostate cancer or bladder cancer have increased risk of stomach cancer. Women who in past have suffered from breast cancer, cervical cancer or ovarian cancer have increased risk of stomach cancer.

Stomach Cancer Risk Factors

  • Ageing:

    As you grow older there are more chances that you may succumb to the disease. Most cases occur in people aged over 55.

  • Gender:

    Men are twice more likely than women to get affected from the stomach cancer.

  • Diet:

    A proper balanced diet reduces the chances of cancer. Listed below are some food you should avoid to reduce chances of risk cancer.

    1. Food infected with aflatoxin fungus (toxic metabolites produced by certain fungi in/on foods and feeds, mainly found in/or peanut butter)
    2. Diet high in salty and smoked foods
    3. Diet low in fruits and vegetables
  • Race:

    Stomach cancer is more common in Africans and Asians than in Caucasians.

  • Geographic Location:

    It is also one of the factors which increase your risk of cancer. People living in Latin America, Japan, Eastern Europe and Korea are more prone to stomach cancer as their diet mainly consists of pickled, salted, dried and smoked food.

  • Blood Group:

    People with blood group A are at higher risk of developing stomach cancer.

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