Kidney Diseases

7 Steps to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

7 Steps to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

Your kidneys work hard for you even when they lose their partner in crime!
It’s time to show some care - you might want to put away that glass of fizz and read this.

You must have heard that a healthy lifestyle can go a long way in keeping your mind and body healthy. A lifestyle tailored according to your genes is your best possible way of living-because your genes are the blueprint of your life, you are empowered with actionable insights about yourself. Read on to know how to create a healthy lifestyle that can not only keep your kidneys healthy but also cater to your overall wellness and longevity. 

Here’s your step-by-step guide to keep your kidneys healthy, give them the care they need, and prevent chronic kidney disease.

Understand your genes: Knowing your risks can enable you to take actions for delaying or postponing its development. Surprisingly, you just need to test once that too from the comfort of your home to have a plethora of actionable information about your body - the wonders of a genetic test!  
Quit smoking and moderate your alcohol consumption: Needless to say they are not good for any body type. The first step towards a healthy life is to control your addictions. Moreover, tobacco not only increases your risk for kidney diseases but also puts you at risk for lung and heart issues.
Follow a healthy lifestyle: Your lifestyle includes your food habits, exercise patterns, sleep, stress and addictions. To keep your kidneys and body healthy, you should modify your complete lifestyle. What you eat is the most important in your daily habits; consume freshly cooked foods and avoid junk, oily, and processed foods.
Go for annual full body health checkups: Yearly full body health checkups that have tests to analyze your complete body and organs, are important to know the functioning and overall health status of your body. All health risks should be followed up by special screening tests for detecting diseases before they become fatal. 
Know the early signs and symptoms of kidney diseases: This is especially for the ones who have a high genetic risk or have a family medical history of chronic kidney disease. Understand all the symptoms and keep a tab on them. Contact your healthcare provider if you see any of these signs.
Be smart and careful about medication choices: Taking medicines for hypertension, or diabetes can affect your kidneys. That's why you should take action to protect your kidneys from harm. Beware of using over the counter medications, they can cause more harm than you know. 
Stop believing in fad diets and trends: Your body is unique because of your genotype. Therefore fad diets can just be guesswork for you, they might work, they mightn’t! Moreover, some studies have found, fad diets that are high in protein can increase the risk of developing kidney stones. 

Remember, water is your kidneys’ friend. Keep yourself hydrated and healthy. To find out more about your kidneys’ health and functioning of other organs, book a health checkup right from the comfort of your home. Yes, that’s correct - you don’t need to step out, we bring specialized and state-of-the-art services to your doorstep with complete Covid protection.

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