Questions You Should Ask Before Getting a Prevention Health Checkup

Questions You Should Ask Before Getting a Prevention Health Checkup

Which are the screening tests that I need?

There are different tests for screening for various health conditions. Blood pressure, cholesterol, ECG, bone mineral density and sugar are the basic tests. Other tests like mammograms, CT, etc. can be recommended to you depending on your age, gender, and existing diseases.

How is my family medical history impacting my health?

Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancers can be hereditary. Having a close family member in the family who has/had these diseases might increase your risk for them. Make sure you inform your consulting physician about your family’s medical health history.

I have these unusual symptoms, do they mean anything?

You should be very open with your medical consultant. Tell them about any abnormalities that you are experiencing. They can range from rash, irregularities in your sleep pattern, sudden weight loss, or headaches. They may be due to some underlying condition - your physician might want to suggest special tests to detect them.

Should I be making any lifestyle or habit changes?

Inform the physician about your family health history, your medicines/supplements, habits like smoking, drinking, and your food and exercise. Small changes in lifestyle - in your exercise, food, sleep, stress, etc. can improve your health and prevent diseases.

When should I come for my next full body health checkup?

Confirm with your consulting physician when your next checkup should be scheduled. Also, ask the reason for it. Understanding more about your body and health helps you to be in control.

These questions will help you understand your health needs better, get insights on your lifestyle needs, and also help you build a relationship with your medical consultant. Book your health checkup at a modern health centre, now.

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