7 Easy Ways to Prepare Yourself for the Viral and Allergy Season

Spring is the most joyful season but it also brings out the allergies in people! The days get warmer & drier, and trees & plants produce pollen

7 Easy Ways to Prepare Yourself for the Viral and Allergy Season

While you fight with the coronavirus pandemic, also ensure you keep yourself safe from seasonal allergies, and its diseases. Allergens are mostly particles that are airborne - they enter eyes, noses, and throats, and cause sneezing, congestion, itchy eyes, etc.

Here are some ways to prevent those seasonal sniffles and health conditions so that you can enjoy it happily and healthily.

1. First and foremost, determine if your symptoms are actually arising out of an allergy or not.

It is allergy if;

  • The congestion or itch on the eyes, nose, and mouth last more than 2 weeks
  • You have thin and clear mucus
  • Symptoms worsen after getting exposed to allergic triggers
  • There is no fever and aches 

2. Make cleanliness a top priority.

Ensure your bed sheets, covers, and clothes are clean and all surfaces are dusted. Don't let dust and mold accumulate anywhere in the house. Leave your outdoor shoes outside the house to not drag the allergens inside your home. Shower before bed to wash off any potential pollen or allergen from your body and hair. Wipe the fur and paws of your pets so that they don’t bring in allergen into your house.

3. Exercise inside your house for the allergic season.

Pollen tends to increase in the air during mid to late afternoon. Plan your tasks outside accordingly, and bring your exercising schedule inside your house.

4. An avid gardener? Mask it up.

Make sure you wear a mask or at least cover your nose while you are tending to your plants. Moreso, if you are allergic to pollen. In case, you are allergic to molds, keep your windows open to let fresh air enter the room.

5. Keep your allergic medications handy

The medicines or antihistamines prescribed by your physician should be available at hand in case an allergic bout hits you. Make sure you have them near and well within the expiry date.

6. Focus on keeping your immune system healthy and robust.

Your immunity is your biggest protector against all foreign invasions in your body. Follow immunity-boosting remedies that suit your body or are prescribed to you by experts.

7. Keep updated with your latest health status.

Knowing the current status of your body’s functioning is essential to be healthy. Your lifestyle throughout the year affects your health, hence a full-body preventive health screening is essential at least once a year. Know how you can get your full body checkup done from the comfort of your home.

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