Prepare for Safe Pregnancy: To Do List

Preparing for pregnancy is both exciting and daunting. Along with the mental preparation, it is imperative to keep yourself physically fit.

Following pre-pregnancy checklist will give you a clear idea of the dos and don'ts.

Prepare for Safe Pregnancy: To Do List

Pre-pregnancy To Do List

  • Pre-pregnancy checkup

    Get your appointment scheduled with your Gynecologist for a preconception checkup. He/she will have a look at your family history, personal medical history and will also check whether you are on any medication or supplements. You will also have to stop or switch to different medicines if they can affect your pregnancy.
  • Follow a proper diet

    Doctors will prescribe you a pregnancy diet. Make sure that you follow that on time. Be choosy when it comes to eating fish and avoid eating the species such as king mackerel as it contains mercury which is harmful.
  • Get your gums checked

    There is a proven connection between a healthy pregnancy and good oral health. Gum disease is linked to the early birth and low birth weight. During pregnancy, your gums get affected by the high progesterone and estrogen level making them red, tender, swollen and susceptible to gum disease.
  • You will need to do preconception genetic testing

    Your doctor will recommend you for getting a genetic carrier screening done through the pre-pregnancy test. Through this, you can find out whether you or your partner is a carrier of any severe genetic conditions like cystic fibrosis, sickle cell disease, etc. If you happen to carry any such inherited disorders, then your child may have 1 in 4 chances of having the disease.
  • Have control over caffeine intake

    Experts recommend that those who are planning to get pregnant should cut down on their caffeine intake. According to the survey, excess caffeine intake can lead to decreased fertility. Women should try and cut down the consumption to 200 ml or one cup per day.
  • Give up on alcohol, drugs and smoking

    During pregnancy, consuming alcohol is not advisable as it is hazardous for your baby's health and might cause future health issues. Tobacco and drugs can lead to low birth weight, premature birth and miscarriage. So, stay away from these habits.
  • Follow a fitness routine

    It is always good to have a fitness plan. It will help you stay fit and maintain a healthy weight. It acts as a stress buster, prepares your body for pregnancy and makes it easier for you to conceive. Doing yoga is the best exercise.
  • Check for your finances

    When you are doing your pre-pregnancy planning, make sure that you are aware of your funds and start saving every month as after having the baby, you will require it to take care of the necessary ongoing expenses. Make sure that your hospital is covered under your insurance plan.


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