Possible Implications of COVID On Your Health

Your Immune System

Your immune system fights against foreign invaders like viruses and bacteria to protect you from various diseases. There are two parts to your immune system: Innate immune system: Your skin, stomach acids, mucous membranes, and other infection barriers.

Possible Implications of COVID On Your Health

Apart from that, there are white blood cells such as Neutrophils, Basophils, and Eosinophils that identify and activate mechanisms to kill the bacteria and viruses. It is the frontline of the body's defense mechanism. Adaptive immune system: It produces antibodies and other white blood cells like Lymphocytes that fight against foreign bodies like germs. While the innate immune system is activated at once, the adaptive immune system has a slower response. The antibodies developed by the adaptive immune system are specific to the germ and tags it to be destroyed by the other immune cells.

The Implications of COVID On Your Body

Everyone has a different level of immune response to Covid-19 infection. That’s why some people develop severe complications, while others have mild symptoms. People who develop severe disease from the infection, have their immune system working continuously to protect you but fail to stop the disease and become hyperactive. This causes disruption to the body's vital functions and ends up in critical damage like blood clots in the lungs or septic shock. Lungs may also fill with fluid and result in multiple organs failure. This clotting and blood thickening can also lead to stroke, paralysis, and heart attack.

Best Ways To Regain Your Health And Boost Your Immune Function Post-COVID Recovery

Small modifications in your lifestyle habits can help you get your health back on track. Follow these changes in your lifestyle:

  •  Get adequate sleep
  •  Eat a healthy, balanced, and nutritious diet
  •  Exercise regularly
  •  Quit smoking and drinking alcohol
  •  Get your full-body health screening done

Full body health screening is very important to make further informed decisions about your health. Your health checkup reports can inform you about how your heart and other organ system are functioning. Based on your reports you can plan your further curative and restorative healthcare with your doctor. Our comprehensive lab health checkup package can be availed from the comfort of the home so that you and your family can stay safe. Our package includes tests to investigate the levels of the white blood cells that give a picture of your current health status and how much your innate immune system has been affected by Covid. The package also has tests to assess the functioning of your vital organs Book your post covid health checkup now.

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