Ovarian Cancer - Diagnosis & Treatment

The ovarian cancer detection in early stages is difficult as there are no specific initial symptoms of the disease and it gets diagnosed only in its advance stages. However, if few symptoms or warning signs are not ignored and health checkups are done at regular intervals there is an increased probability of effective treatment and survival rate.

Ovarian Cancer - Diagnosis & Treatment

The post here provides the brief information about diagnosis of ovarian cancer, its prognosis, tests and treatments.

Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis

Early diagnosis is the key to improved ovarian cancer prognosis. The diagnosis techniques of ovarian cancer are

  • Physical exam

    It's the method of physically examining the body to look for the signs of the ovarian cancer. These signs could be an enlarged ovary and indications of fluid in the abdomen.

  • Imaging tests

    Several tests are done to take the images of the tumor/cancer inside the ovary for further examination. These tests include computed tomography (CT) scans, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans and ultrasound studies. All these tests take images which helps in confirming the presence of any mass in the ovaries.

  • Biopsy

    The process of locating and removing a part of the cancerous tissue or tumor inside the ovary by a surgery for further examination is called biopsy.

  • Blood test

    CA-125 test is a kind of blood test that helps finding the cancer. Women with high level of CA-125 are found to be at high risk of having ovarian cancer.

Ovarian Cancer Treatments

Once the cancer is diagnosed there are several options for treating the disease:

  • Surgery

    Surgery is one of the widely preferred treatment of ovarian cancer. The main goal of the biopsy is to provide precise information of the cancer stage. Studies show that in about 30% of the women who, apparently, are in their early stage (after image test), turn out to have the cancer spread to other organs nearby.

    Surgery is the process of completely removing all the tumors visible in the ovary or its surroundings. Usually an onco-gynecologist performs this surgery.

  • Chemotherapy

    Chemotherapy is a process of killing cancerous cells using drugs by destroying their ability to grow and divide. Systematically, the therapy takes place through two routes - by oral intake, known as oral chemotherapy in form of tablets and through injecting when the drugs goes into the veins and mixes in the blood, traveling through the blood stream to the cancer affected part of the body. This process is known as intravenous chemotherapy.

  • Radiation Therapy

    The high energy X-rays are repeatedly exposed to the cancerous cells/tumor to completely remove or shrink it.

Diagnosis of ovarian cancer can be emotional and devastating. Many patients do not show any symptoms of this deadly disease in the initial stages. Master health checkups help in detecting and diagnosing such deadly conditions in early stages. Understanding treatment options are important for the survival of any ovarian cancer patient. If you need any support while fighting through such difficult times, get in touch with Indus Health Plus by filling the query form. Our team member will connect with you as soon as possible.

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  • Ovarian Cancer - Overview

    Ovarian Cancer - Overview

    Ovarian cancer is the cancer that forms in the ovaries. There are two ovaries in a woman's body which is found on each side of the uterus. These almond sized ovaries produce eggs as well as the hormones estrogen and progesterone. This cancer is most difficult to be treated as usually it is hard to detect until it is spread within the abdomen.

  • Ovarian Cancer - Types & Stages

    Ovarian Cancer - Types & Stages

    The ovarian cancer has been categorized into different types and stages according to their origin, sizes and locations.

  • Ovarian Cancer - Prevention

    Ovarian Cancer - Prevention

    The prevention of any disease can be done by taking good care of the health and staying away from the risk factors of that disease; however, in case of ovarian cancer no specific cause has yet been discovered.

  • Ovarian Cancer - Diet, Facts & Awareness

    Ovarian Cancer - Diet, Facts & Awareness

    Proper diet and awareness of the cancer help a person to prevent it. Balanced diet & nutrition help patients who are going through the treatment in building strength to fight the disease.

  • Ovarian Cancer - Causes & Risk Factors

    Ovarian Cancer - Causes & Risk Factors

    The cause of any cancer is genetic mutation of the cells. Damaged DNA of cells convert them into cancerous cells and they start growing abnormally and jeopardize the growth of the normal cells. The causes behind these mutations are still not clear.

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