Ovarian Cancer - Causes & Risk Factors

The cause of any cancer is genetic mutation of the cells. Damaged DNA of cells convert them into cancerous cells and they start growing abnormally and jeopardize the growth of the normal cells. The causes behind these mutations are still not clear.

Ovarian Cancer - Causes & Risk Factors

However, there are some risk factors that can increase the risk of getting this disease.

The post here provides information about causes of ovarian cancer and its risk factors.

Ovarian Cancer Causes

Like several other types of cancers it is unclear what exactly causes the ovarian cancer. Scientists are still looking to find the reasons of these abnormal mutations and suggest that the cause can be inherited or due to acquired genetic changes. These changes can take place during the life period of women.

Ovarian Cancer Risk Factors

There are no specific known causes of ovarian cancer however; few risk factor can act as a triggers of the cancer.

  • Age

    Cancer can occur in any age; however, it is more commonly seen in women of age 50 and above.

  • Inherited genetic mutation

    The ovarian cancer causes can include hereditary mutation also. The genes that increase the risk of breast cancer are breast cancer gene 1 and breast cancer gene 2 (BRCA1 and BRCA2). These increase the risk of ovarian cancer as well.

  • Replacement of estrogen hormone

    Women who undertake estrogen HRT (hormone replacement therapy, especially when the high doses are taken for a long period) have high risk of ovarian cancer.

  • Start and end of the menstruation cycle

    The girls who start their menstruation before the age of 12 and the women who go through the menopause after the age of 52, both are at high risk of having ovarian cancer.

  • Pregnancy

    Women who never got pregnant in their fertile years have increased risk of having ovarian cancer.

  • Fertility treatment

    Some studies show that the women who take the fertility drugs for more than a year develop risk of having the ovarian cancer. The risk increases in the women who do not get pregnant while they were on these drugs.

  • Smoking and alcohol

    Smoking and alcohol have no direct influence on the ovarian cancer however; these affect the cancer of mucinous (part of the group of ovarian neoplasms (abnormal growth of tissues) type.

  • Obesity

    Studies show that the women who are obese (have body mass index about 30) have high risk of this and other cancers.

Although there is an impressive advancement in the screening tools and diagnostic techniques, specific causes of ovarian cancer are still unclear. Some triggers of this deadly cancer act as risk factors. Majority of risk factors do not directly cause ovarian cancer. But it is important to know them as this information can help you make better lifestyle changes.

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