Misunderstood Heart Conditions

In laymen’s language, people use several random terms to describe heart attack and heart related diseases. Some of them are not related with heart or cardiovascular system at all.

We are listing here some commonly misunderstood conditions.

Misunderstood Heart Conditions

Stroke is Heart Attack

Stroke is not related to heart. Stroke occurs when there is loss of blood (read oxygen) supply to brain. The insufficiency of nutrient rich blood towards brain leads to a ‘brain attack’, not a ‘heart attack’. This may lead to impaired movement, speech, thinking, emotional control and other functions of body.

People generally confuse the term ‘stroke’ with something related to heart.

Cardiac Arrest is Heart Attack

Cardiac arrest is not heart attack. When a person’s heart stops pumping blood and he ceases to breathe normally, then it is called a cardiac arrest.

Wherein, a heart attack occurs when a coronary arteries becomes blocked by a blood clot or plaque. The heart muscles get robbed of its blood supply will begin to die because of oxygen deprivation, if immediate medical intervention is not given.

Heart Failure is Heart Attack

Heart Failure, again, is not heart attack. Heart failure is not sudden stopping of heart’s functioning. It develops over time due to abnormality in valves or septum of heart and other reasons. Gradually, the heart becomes incapable of pumping enough blood in the body as it should.

During Heart Attack, Pain Occurs in the Left Side of Chest

Pain in left side of chest is not necessarily heart related. Firstly, heart is not exactly located on the left side of the chest as wisely believed. It mostly occupies centre of the chest area but its apex is pointed towards the left side. Secondly, a cardiac related pain is not limited to the left side of the chest. It usually is experienced in the centre of chest, left shoulder, radiates towards back and in the left hand.

A healthy body leads to happy life. Practice being healthy, from being fit to choosing right food and routine health checkups. Preventive health screening help assessing the hidden risk factor, early detection and cure in some cases.

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