Liver Cancer - Types and Stages

Liver cancer is one of the most common cancers found around the world. The cancer itself is an umbrella disease which has been categorized into several types according to the origin of the cancer.

Liver Cancer - Types and Stages

Types of liver cancer

Commonly liver cancer has four types, usually named after the types of the cells the cancer has developed from.

  • Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) -

    It is one of the most common types of liver cancer which is also known as hepatoma. The cancer directly affect the main cells of liver known as hepatocytes. This type of liver cancer is usually confined to the liver, however, sometimes reaches to the other organs as well

  • Cholangiocarcinoma-

    This is the type of liver cancer that start in the line of bile duct and also known as bile duct cancer.

  • Fibrolamellar carcinoma -

    It is rare, sub-type of Hepatocellular carcinoma cancer. This kind of liver cancer tends to develop in the younger people and is usually caused by cirrhosis or hepatitis B or C.

  • Angiosarcoma -

    This cancer is usually found in people who are in their 70's or 80's. These are extremely rare type of cancer which begins in the blood vessels.

Stages of Liver Cancer

The stages of liver cancer can be defined on the basis of the size or location of the cancer. The process of defining the extent of the cancer is called staging. Liver cancer has been divided into 4 stages.

  • Stage I

    In this stage of liver cancer, the tumour is found in the liver.

  • Stage II

    Tumour is found and has grown to the blood vessels. One or more smaller tumour can be found.

  • Stage III

    Stage 3 is further categorized into three levels:

    1. Stage III-A

      One or more tumours can be found, and at least one tumour would be larger than 5 cm. However, at this level cancer has not yet spread to the lymph nodes or any organ.

    2. Stage III-B

      At this level, cancer gets into the main blood vessels of the liver, however, the cancer still has not grown to the lymph nodes.

    3. Stage III-C

      Liver cancer, at this stage, starts spreading into the other organs nearby the liver or through the lining of inner membrane of abdomen. It still has not spread to the lymph nodes.

  • Stage IV

    The fourth stage of the cancer is also categorized into two different levels.

    1. Stage IV-A

      One or more tumours can be found in the liver. It may have spread to the blood vessel or any nearby organ. The cancer, at this stage, has spread to the lymph nodes nearby the liver.

      The cancer is any size and there may be more than one tumour. It may have grown into blood vessels or the organs around the liver. It has spread to lymph nodes but not to other parts of the body.

    2. Stage IV-B

      More than one large (larger than 5 cm) tumour can be found in the liver, at this stage. It might be possible that the cancer has grown into the blood vessel of the liver or any other organ nearby. It may or may not have spread to the lymph nodes nearby but has grown to the distant organs like lungs or kidneys.

Cancer especially that of the liver is common and is of the serious type. Liver cancer stage ranges from stage I to IV where the lower the number indicates less spread of cancer. To check whether your liver and other body parts are healthy, book an appointment with your physician. If your doctor suspects anything wrong, you may have to go for a comprehensive health checkup. It is always best to get your checkups done from reputed healthcare providers like Indus Health Plus for precise results. Connect with us by filling the below-given form and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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  • Liver Cancer - Overview

    Liver Cancer - Overview

    The liver filters all the blood circulating in the body, takes the nutrients and drugs from the blood and convert them into the ready to use chemicals for body. This organ also performs other important functions, such as removing the toxins and other waste chemicals from the blood and sending them for excretion. As all the blood in the body has to pass through the liver, the chances of liver to be accessible by the cancerous cells, travelling in the bloodstream, are high.

  • Liver Cancer - Sign & Symptoms

    Liver Cancer - Sign & Symptoms

    The signs and symptoms of the liver cancer are often hard to diagnose until the cancer reaches to the second or even later stages. However, sometimes the signs and symptoms can be noticed in early stage too. The post here briefs you about liver cancer early stage symptoms which must not be ignored. It also throws light on some other symptoms of liver cancer which are generally diagnosed at later stages.

  • Liver Cancer Early Detection & Prevention Tips

    Liver Cancer Early Detection & Prevention Tips

    Risk factors are the reasons to increase the chances of having the liver cancer, so, prevention from these factors can also avert from the risk of liver cancer. Prevention from liver cancer is not always possible but simple changes in the daily life can help in reducing the chances.

  • Liver Cancer - Causes and Risk Factors

    Liver Cancer - Causes and Risk Factors

    Liver filters the blood circulating through the body and it is likely to come in contact or get affected by the cancerous cells running through the bloodstream. These cells can harbor in the liver and start to grow. The cancer that begins in any other part of the body often spread to the liver. The liver has the ability to regenerate which in the case of cancer results in the development of cancer cells.

  • Liver Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment

    Liver Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment

    Even though the signs of liver cancer are vague and not apparent in initial stages still anybody experiencing unusual signs must visit a doctor who may order few tests to reach the diagnosis.

  • Liver Cancer Diet, Facts & Awareness

    Liver Cancer Diet, Facts & Awareness

    People are not much aware and knowledgeable about the basics of liver cancer is little amongst people. There are certain facts that everyone should know about this disease and may help in its prevention.

    This article briefs about the diet plan which should be followed to reduce the impact of this cancer.

  • Diet for Liver Cancer Patients In India

    Diet for Liver Cancer Patients In India

    Liver cancer is a rare cancer which affects the hepatocytes (your primary liver cells). Mutations in the liver cells may cause a tumor which affects the primary function of the liver. 

    Liver cancer hampers your appetite severely. The disease and liver cancer treatment itself makes food very unappealing. However, you must eat a well-balanced diet to keep yourself healthy and strong to fight against deadly cancer.

    We have covered some foods to eat and the ones to avoid for patients with liver cancer below. 

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