Liver Cancer Early Detection & Prevention Tips

Risk factors are the reasons to increase the chances of having the liver cancer, so, prevention from these factors can also avert from the risk of liver cancer. Prevention from liver cancer is not always possible but simple changes in the daily life can help in reducing the chances.

Liver Cancer Early Detection & Prevention Tips

The post here gives the tips for liver cancer detection, early symptoms and Prevention.

Liver Cancer Detection

This cancer has not much specific symptoms, however, it can get detected by regular checkups and being cautious of some unusual symptoms that may includes,

  • Weight loss without putting any effort
  • Decrease in appetite or a feeling of fullness even after eating very small
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • General weakness and/or fatigue that is tenacious, ongoing weakness

Liver Cancer Prevention

  • Limiting the consumption of alcohol

    Giving up drinking alcohol completely is most the effective way to prevent the liver cancer. However, if quitting is not possible, reducing the consumption can also be helpful.

    Doctors have recommended some daily limits for alcohol:

    1. Males: 3-4 glass of 30 mls a day.
    2. Females: 2-3 glass of 30 mls a day.
  • Preventing hepatitis B and C

    Hepatitis C is the disease directly linked to liver cancer, so prevention from the disease is necessary. Hepatitis can spread by use of infected drugs or injections. The symptoms of the disease are not clear, however, it can be prevented by being cautious of the drugs, injection or any other substance that can spread infection.

  • Prevention from cancer-causing chemicals

    Limited exposure to chemicals like arsenic or aflatoxins is recommended. Some countries, like, USA has limited the allowance of the chemicals, however, there are some place in the world where the chemical arsenic is very common and can easily be found in the drinking water. Therefore drinking safe water is important.

  • Healthy diets and exercise

    People who are suffering from disease like obesity, diabetes or blood pressure should start taking care of their diets and physical fitness as these diseases are most likely to act as risk factors for liver cancer. Avoiding fatty food and regular exercise is recommended.

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