Hypothyroid Fat to Fab Journey Tips

In India, about 42 million people are suffering from a thyroid disorder. Hypothyroidism is the condition when the thyroid gland produces low thyroid hormones. The thyroid gland absorbs iodine from food and converts into growth hormones. Thyroid stimulating hormones (TSH) controls the functioning of thyroid glands. 

  • High TSH levels result in hypothyroidism. 
  • Conversely, low TSH levels indicate hyperthyroidism.
Hypothyroid Fat to Fab Journey Tips

Function Of Thyroid Hormones

  • The T3 and T4 hormones break down calories, produce energy and boosts metabolism.
  • The balance of these two hormones in the body helps regulate our metabolism.
  • Promotes healthy growth.

Symptoms Of Hypothyroidism
Here are a few hypothyroid symptoms that you should note:

  • Sensitivity to cold
  • Fatigue
  • Weight gain
  • Muscle weakness
  • Bloating
  • Depression

Hypothyroidism And Weight
Thyroid gland releases growth hormones in the body that regulates metabolism. However, an underactive thyroid slows down the metabolism, and you may start gaining weight. Losing weight requires great determination, proper diet, smaller portion sizes, and regular exercise. But, if you have hypothyroidism, then it becomes harder to lose weight.

Use these simple strategies to jump-start your weight loss with hypothyroidism:

Eat complex carbs: Complex carbs are rich in fiber, and they keep you fuller for longer. This prevents overeating and weight gain. Include vegetables, whole grains and whole pulses in your diet.
Cut on sugars and foods with high glycemic index: Sugary drinks and desserts add to your weight. Avoid eating foods with a high glycemic index as they increase the inflammatory response. Eat a healthy well-balanced diet.
Eat anti-inflammatory foods: Leafy greens, fatty fish, nuts, tomatoes, fruits, and olive oil are useful if you want to combat inflammation. They contain a host of essential vitamins and minerals to boost immunity and healthy thyroid function.
Small portion sizes: Eat small and frequent meals with balanced macronutrients. This controls blood sugar levels and helps in weight management.
Regular exercise: Workout to burn calories. But, if the person with hypothyroidism is fatigued don’t stress further.
Take medications: Talk to your doctor about thyroid test and take proper medication.

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