How Sanitizer Kills Germs and Viruses Like Covid-19 Effectively

Hand sanitizers are the science based magic liquid that removes dirt and germs from your hands within seconds without water. They also work effectively against viruses, but you need to be sure of the component of the sanitizer - make sure you check it on the label. Hand sanitizers are topical these days because it keeps you safe from the coronavirus outbreak. It can be used when soap and water are not available.

How Sanitizer Kills Germs and Viruses Like Covid-19 Effectively

But there’s a catch to using hand sanitizer - not all hand sanitizers are effective in protecting you from the coronavirus will do the job. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s study, sanitizers with an alcohol concentration of 60–95% are effective in killing germs. If you are planning to buy a hand sanitizer that can protect you from coronavirus contamination, check for these ingredients on the label: ethyl alcohol/ethanol - should be above 60% concentration.

A hand sanitizer with a lower level of alcohol percentage might not work for various germ types like virus and bacteria. They can only limit the germ growth and not kill them.

Given below are the components of an effective hand sanitizer:

  • Ethanol: 60-85%
  • Isopropanol: 60-80%
  • N-propanol: 60-80%

How does alcohol-based sanitizer work?
Alcohol in-activates germs like viruses by attacking their cell structures. For example, alcohol damages the lipid layer that envelops the novel coronavirus. That makes the virus impossible to infect anyone.

Keeping all this in mind, Indus Hand Sanitizer has been made to make it readily available to everyone to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Here are the ingredients of Indus Hand Sanitizer:

  • Ethanol: 80 % V/V
  • Glycerol: 1.45 % V/V
  • Hydrogen Peroxide: 0.125 %
  • De-mineralized water 
  • Diethyl phthalate: 1%


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