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Helping Women Get Online

Helping Women Get Online

Google India commences crusade to help 50 million women get online in one year

With an aim to introduce 50 million women to the online world, Google India commenced 'Helping Women Get Online', a crusade to empower women to the online fraternity. The start will aim on conceiving awareness about the advantages of Internet for women, teach women to use the Internet to improve their inhabits and work with partners to enable very simple Internet access points for women in the homeland. Initially, Google will launch a mass newspapers campaign for women to encourage the website conceived for them; This portal will equip owner with rudimentary content 'know-how' about internet and some added special content for women in both dialects (Hindi & English). Women can call on tollfree helpline number - 18004199977 to get responses for any of their queries considering this crusade and farther on.

Helping Women Get Online

Indus Health Plus (P) Ltd. which equally stands by the concept and congratulates Google for the great initiative, feels that this platform would not only empower women with basic technical know-how but would also help them stand at par with others. Indus has always encouraged women to come ahead and further would encourage them to equip their knowledge with this breakthrough.

Yonca Brunini - International Lead, Tech For Good and VP, Trading Google said, "We are very stimulated to launch this first of its kind crusade in India. At Google, we want to use our knowledge and abilities to help use expertise to address humanity's utmost challenges. I am very pleased to share the achievement of a navigated program that was conveyed out by us at a village in Bhilwara, Rajasthan. With this task

we successfully accomplished a digital literacy effort of teaching over 100,000 women in Bhilwara and trained them on how to use the rudimentary applications on the Internet. The learnings would help us to work on a structure which we will use to roll out in other parts of India. Internet as a medium can be exceedingly empowering for women and this is especially true for women in evolving nations like India. We strongly believe that Internet can greatly be advantageous and change the lives of women in India."

The program will be sustained by Intel, HUL and Axis Bank who have pledged to drive this start through the junction outreach efforts encompassing Internet training in their digital literacy efforts. Intel is furthermore commencing a mobile app called 'Easy Step' for women which would be available on Android play store.

Debjani Ghosh, Organizing Controller- Sales And Trading Group, Intel South Asia states, "As part of our National Digital Literacy objective, Intel has been working with the government to enhance expertise adoption and digital literacy for boosting productivity and impacting livelihoods. We are extremely boosted by the findings of the first phase of the program where we glimpsed over 52 per cent women participants and it was good to see them use it for a better support to their families. A technology as this would be helpful for giving a better life."

Google has furthermore partnered with owners of different businesses who will create and share content relevant for Indian women for the website. These partners encompass Johnson & Johnson,, and IMRB has furthermore come on board as a research partner for the initiative and will help pathway the impact of this initiative started for women in India. With over 200 million Internet users in the homeland and growing, India is on its way to become the second largest Internet market in the world overtaking US.

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