Difference Between Health Checkup and Health Insurance

There has always been dilemma and lack of understanding between getting a health insurance and going for a preventive health checkup.

Interestingly, neither they are similar nor substitutes to each other.

Here is a brief to comprehend the two better and make an informed choice!

A preventive health checkup is a planned way to avoid number of medical emergencies and to identify & minimize risk factors for disease which may come up in future.

Again, everyone must have one - annually!

Difference Between Health Checkup and Health Insurance

Health insurance is a cover against the risk of incurring medical emergency expenses in people.

Everyone must have one!

Both have their own benefits and virtues. But amongst people, there has always been confusion regarding which one is better.

Here are few differentiating factors.

Health Insurance

  • You pay the premium amount, irrespective if you avail the services
  • Covers hospitalisation, surgical and procedural expenses
  • You do not come to know your complete health status as insurance companies make you undergo only basic blood & urine testing

Preventive Health Checkup

  • You pay the amount of package and can avail the checkup immediately
  • Many a times, prevents you from going to the hospital at the first place; saves physical trauma & stress
  • Comprehensive preventive checkup can detect grave diseases early in their origin; at times when they are still asymptomatic

Health insurance does take care of your financial aspect but a preventive health checkup along with monitory benefits saves you from physical trauma, mental stress and time which you may lose treating the preventable lifestyle diseases.

Having said that, preventive health checkup is the right way to "insure" good health and wellness in today's time.

It is rightly said that, "health is the real wealth". By an annual checkup, you can live happy and longer with your family.

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