Eat Wise, Crop Your Size! Tips to Get Slim

New Year is approaching and most of us gear up to make new resolutions like healthy diet plan, gym membership and work hard to crop your size. Most people struggle hard to keep up with their promises during winters and gain excess weight. A well-planned winter cleansing routine will make you feel strong, warm and healthy. It will help you lose some extra pounds without leaving you cold and frail.

Eat Wise, Crop Your Size! Tips to Get Slim

Here are some tips for weight loss in winter:

Consume High Water Content Foods

Water adds the required body weight without adding calories. Foods high in water content can be great if you want to drop a size down this winter. Stewed fruits and vegetables, hot cereals, and soups are great winter recipes.

Eat Heavy Breakfast

Having a heavy breakfast (including all nutrients) aids weight loss. It also improves concentration and makes you productive all day. Oatmeal, cereals, eggs, milk, etc. are excellent for breakfast.

Increase Protein

A high protein diet makes you fuller than a diet abundant in carbs. Get your hands on to lean proteins which are low in fat content. Avoid beef and full-fat dairy products. Eat eggs, beans and legumes, fish and skinless chicken.

Say No to Packaged Food

Packaged food such as biscuits, chips, cookies, Maggi, etc. are laden with salt, artificial flavors and sweeteners, bad fats and chemicals. Bid them goodbye and replace them with nutritious snacks.

Reward Yourself

Don't starve yourself to tasty goodies and treats. Every once in a while give yourself a break and have a piece of chocolate or your favourite cookies. Stick to moderation always.

Savor Sweets That Slim

Refined sugars result in heart diseases and obesity. But we still crave something sweet! Indulge in naturally sweet, seasonal veggies and fruits to give you the satisfaction you desire. Beets, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, and squashes are some great choices.

Maintain a Food Diary

Pen down everything you eat in a food diary. This will help you track your calorie intake and alarm you when you're going overboard. Note down your weight every day and be your own trainer.

Sleep Well

Get more sleep during the winters. Wake up early and soak yourself in the sunlight. This helps to keep your mood stable and avoid midnight snacking.

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