Diet for Liver Cancer Patients In India

Liver cancer is a rare cancer which affects the hepatocytes (your primary liver cells). Mutations in the liver cells may cause a tumor which affects the primary function of the liver. 

Liver cancer hampers your appetite severely. The disease and liver cancer treatment itself makes food very unappealing. However, you must eat a well-balanced diet to keep yourself healthy and strong to fight against deadly cancer.

We have covered some foods to eat and the ones to avoid for patients with liver cancer below. 

Diet for Liver Cancer Patients In India

Foods to Eat

  • Lean proteins: Impaired liver is unable to processes fatty proteins so you must choose to eat lean proteins. They boost your immunity and promote quick recovery. Lean proteins include chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, nuts and soy, and low-fat dairy products.
  • Fruits and vegetables: Farm produce is packed with nutrients to replenish your system. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and veggies that are rich in antioxidants to fight free radical damage and keep you healthy. Eat green vegetables like spinach, carrot, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, squash, and sweet potatoes. Brightly colored fruits like apples, berries, oranges, and cantaloupe are good options.
  • Whole grains: Grains are good sources of fiber and carbs to boost your energy levels. Whole wheat bread and pasta, oatmeal, and brown rice are rich in fiber to ease digestion in cancer patients.
  • Ginger: Nausea is one of the common signs of liver cancer. Sipping ginger tea is helpful to combat nausea.
  • Healthy fats: Fats found in fish oils, avocados, nuts, and seeds help the body absorb essential nutrients. 
  • Water: Drink plenty of fluids and water as its essential to keep you hydrated during treatment for liver cancer.

Foods to Avoid

  • Foods high in salt: These foods worsen liver cancer symptoms. Reduce your intake of table salt. Cut off on processed foods that are laden with salt. Read the labels carefully.
  • Alcohol: It increases stress on liver.
  • Sugary foods: Desserts like candies, cakes, etc. have minimal nutrition and too much sugar. Avoid them.

Fatigue and tiredness are common during liver cancer and its treatment. A nutritious meal will keep you healthy and active. Our complete health checkup package offers doctors counseling which will help to clear all your doubts. Fill in the inquiry form to book an appointment.

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